This is Kickdown.

Kickdown is the platform developed by and for car lovers to finally show young- and classic cars with the quality they deserve.

Kickdown history


July 2022

More than 15.000 registered bidders

June 2022

Auctions worth € 35.5 million

April 2022

Sale of a Mercedes Benz Evolution II

February 2022

500 completed auctions


December 2021

Sale of a Mercedes McLaren SLR

November 2021

Move into our own Hamburg office with space for 25 employees

October 2021

250 completed auctions

April 2021

Customers from all over Europe

Januar 2021

Launch of a native iOS app


December 2020

Auctions worth € 1.5 million completed

14. August 2020

First car sold: Messerschmitt KR175 17.125€

August 2020 launch

May 2020

Founding of Kickdown GmbH


CEO and Managing Director
Moritz Helbich

Moritz Helbich launched Kickdown in 2020 and has been fascinated by cars since childhood.

Dreamcar: Porsche 944 Turbo S
COO and Managing Director
Valentin Kremer

Valentin Kremer has also been with the company since 2020 and is a petrolhead through and through.

Dreamcar: Porsche 911 2.7 RS
Jonas Nörtemann

Jonas Nörtemann is the bright mind behind Kickdown's IT and technology.

Dreamcar: Lamborghini Countach
Sales Manager
Carl Brock

Carl Brock enjoys taking care of his BMW E46 in addition to acquisition and customer service.

Dreamcar: Porsche 964 RS
Sales Manager
Lucas Bechtold

Lucas Bechtold is responsible for new customer acquisition and support.

Dreamcar: Mercedes G63 AMG
Antonius Waldstein

Antonius Waldstein takes care of organizational processes before and outside the auctions.

Dreamcar: Audi RS3
Marketing and sales
Vincent Rohnke

Vincent Rohnke focuses on marketing and sales strategies to constantly optimize Kickdown.

Dreamcar: Porsche 993 Turbo
Philipp Matias

Philipp Matias is responsible for the texts and puts the finishing touches to the auctions.

Dreamcar: BMW E30 M3
Michael Unteregger

Michael Unteregger gives the vehicles that certain something with great texts in addition to the pictures.

Dreamcar: Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV
Social Media Manager
Björn Reiss

Björn Reiss takes care of Kickdown's social media presence.

Dreamcar: Porsche 944 S2
PR and Operations
Ida Brock

PR and other external communication is Ida Brock's specialty, so that Kickdown is always perfectly presented.

Dreamcar: Messerschmitt KR200
Marvin Gutknecht

Marvin Gutknecht is on the spot when the right words are needed for our cars.

Dreamcar: Porsche Cayman GT4 RS
Buisness Development
Falk Barske

Falk Barske takes care of internal strategies to constantly improve the product.

Dreamcar: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL
Kickdown GmbH
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 85
20355 Hamburg
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