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Kickdown makes it easy to sell and buy cars. Below you will find everything you need to know.

Here's how it works


You send us the first information about your vehicle.


We will let you know if we will accept your vehicle.


You give us more details and together with our experts we find a price for the auction.


A personal photographer will come to your vehicle and professionally photograph it.


Our editorial office in Hamburg writes a professional listing.


Once you have approved the listing we will start your 7-14 day auction.


Once your vehicle has been successfully sold, we will connect you with the buyer to complete the sale.

Why Kickdown?

Kickdown auctions are the best way to buy and sell classic, collector and enthusiast vehicles.

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With the help of our editorial support, advertise your vehicle in an uncomplicated, professional and free way

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The comment function enables transparent and direct communication between interested parties and sellers

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Kickdown only shows vehicles with detailed photo documentation & description, for maximum quality, transparency & safety

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Kickdown is a marketplace of curated and pre-selected vehicles that makes trading classic cars more transparent and easier.

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Frequently asked questions: buyer

To register with Kickdown, click on the "Register" button. In the window that opens, enter your e-mail address. By clicking on "Register" you automatically confirm our terms and conditions. Afterwards you will be asked to verify your e-mail address. Once this has been done, you can return to Kickdown and get started. Bidding as a private person: If actively bidding on auctions, the next step is to provide a phone number, your full name, a valid address and date of birth. Bidding as a legal entity: For this, the VAT ID No., the registration number and the company name are still requested. At the end, a confirmation email will be sent confirming that all information has been provided in order to participate in auctions.

If you would like to inspect a car before bidding, you must contact the seller to arrange an inspection. Use the "Contact Us" button in the auction description to contact the seller to schedule an inspection of the car.

In order to place a bid, you must first register, which we explained above. Once you've registered and found a vehicle you'd like to buy, bidding is very easy - just click the "Place a Bid" icon on the vehicle listing page. You will then be prompted to enter your bid amount. Of course, your bid must be higher than the previous bid - and depending on the current bid amount, there may be a minimal increase over the previous bid. Once you have placed your bid and you are the highest bidder, Kickdown will charge a 2.5% commission on this amount. This amount is required if the reserve price is reached in a reserve price auction and you are the high bidder, or as the high bidder in a "no reserve price" auction. If the auction is in the last two minutes of the running time, the running time will be extended again by two minutes with each new bid to give other bidders the opportunity to bid higher. The auction will expire if no further bids are placed in the last two minutes.

With the Kickdown App you can bid 24/7 on our live auctions. To bid you need to register or log in to the app with the credentials from your Kickdown account. The free Kickdown App is only available for Apple devices.

In addition to the final purchase price paid to the seller, buyers pay a 2.5% buyer fee to Kickdown. The buyer fee is a minimum of 250€. If the sale amount is more than 100,000€, the commission is capped.

After successful completion of an auction as the highest bidder, you will receive an invoice from Kickdown, which you must pay within 7 days. You will receive this by e-mail.

You can contact the seller privately via the auction page for the seller's vehicle. Simply click on the "Contact Seller" link next to the seller's name, and you can send the seller a private message that will not appear on the auction itself. Furthermore, the seller can be contacted by phone, as long as they have shared their number for this purpose.

If you are the highest bidder on a car where the reserve price is not met, we will work with the seller and buyer to find a sale price that is suitable for both parties. If we can reach an agreement, we make contact between the buyer and seller. If the reserve price was just undercut, Kickdown can make up the difference so that the auction can be successfully completed and the reserve price achieved.

At the end of the auction, both the buyer and the seller will receive each other's contact information to complete the transaction. At that time, you can contact each other by email or phone to complete the transaction, arrange payment and other paperwork, and take delivery.

Sell cars

Kickdown creates a curated listing for you, photographs the vehicle, and finds the next enthusiast for your classic at the price you want.

Submit a vehicle

Frequently asked questions: seller

You can upload unlimited listings for free. There are only costs in case of a successful sale. The cost of a sale is 2.5% commission from the sale price.

To submit your car for sale, go to the "Sell" tab in the header. In order to sell your car, you will need to provide us with some important information - such as make, model, year of manufacture, a few photos and some other relevant details. If we are interested in selling your car, we will contact you. Then we will ask you for more detailed questions so we can make sure our auction description is accurate.

We focus on special cars. These can be either youngtimers or oldtimers but also cars that are already more modern but still interesting and special. Special doesn't mean that it has to be a very expensive car, it has to be well documented and can be anything from a classic Porsche 911, Messerschmitt cabin scooter, modern Ferrari or even a rare VW R32. So the spectrum is wide. We don't list every car we're offered, but we're certainly interested in your submission to see if it's suitable for Kickdown.

Although we do not offer the ability to schedule your auction exactly, we do allow our sellers to indicate preferences. If you prefer a specific start date, or if you would prefer that your auction not be live during a particular week (due to a vacation or business trip, for example), let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We'll start with the basics: We can tell you if we'll accept your car if you just give us the make, model, year, vehicle identification number, some photos, and a few other details. If we accept your car based on this information, we'll need to gather more details - we'll ask for your history with the car, features, and other things that will help us make our offer.

Yes, we offer sellers the option to set a reserve price. The reserve price is the lowest selling price set by the seller, but unknown to buyers during the auction. The car will not be sold until the minimum price is exceeded. If you decide later that you want to adjust your reserve, you can lower it at any time during the auction. For this, you can always contact our auction team. In an ongoing auction, the new reserve must be lower than your current reserve price.

If the reserve price is not reached, we will contact the seller and the highest bidder and try to find a mutual price. If the reserve price is just missed, Kickdown can pay the balance to ensure a successful sale.

Yes. You can also sell cars outside of Germany. However, we are currently limited to European Member States.

For all auctions you can choose between 7, 10 and 14 days. Special arrangements can be discussed with Kickdown. Here, the users are clearly informed that it is, for example, a longer lasting auction. The exact duration within the time limits can also fluctuate. This is due to the fact that within the last 2 minutes of an auction, each new bid resets the auction duration to 2 minutes remaining. This simulates a traditional auction where bidding continues until bidders stop - unlike some online auctions that end at a specific time and favor last second bids, allowing for "sniper-bidding".

Editing the auction while it is already live is not possible. However, if there are changes that need to be made, you can always contact Kickdown to have our team adjust the content. Any additional messages or photos that may be requested can be shared by you in the comments during the auction.

Another service provided by Kickdown is the editorial processing of the auction. You simply provide us with the information and our editorial team will finalize everything. Of course, the auction will not go online until you have approved the texts.

Once the auction is over, the transaction is completed between the buyer and seller. Kickdown provides the buyer and seller with each other's contact information, and the two parties can complete the transaction via email or phone.

Do you need support?

In case of further questions, problems or other concerns you can contact us at any time via one of the listed options.

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