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Frequently asked questions: Buyer

Click on Start. You only need to enter your email address and confirm it afterwards.

If you want to actively participate in auctions, you need to check the "Participate in bidding at auctions" box and provide all the information. Finally, you need to provide a payment method to identify yourself. This identification serves as security for all users on the platform.

Yes. Kickdown is made and intended for everyone. You can bid as a private person.

Yes. As a legal entity, the VAT ID number, the registration number and the company name are also requested.

A bid cannot be undone. Please be attentive when placing a bid.

You can contact a Kickdown Expert via "Contact Expert" in the auction description to schedule a viewing.

Ask questions to the owner directly in the comments section, where you can also ask for advice in the community. You cannot contact the owner privately.

No information is shared about the minimum price of an auction. For orientation, price estimates are attached to the auctions. If an auction does not have a minimum price, this is marked.

As a registered bidder, you can manage your notifications under "My Kickdown" in the settings.

You add a payment method under "My Kickdown" and Payments.

As a registered bidder, simply click on the "Bid" button within the auction, place your bid and confirm it.

To bid with the Kickdown app, you must log in to the app using the credentials from your Kickdown account. The free Kickdown app is only available for Apple devices.

The buyer's fee is 3% plus VAT of the purchase price and is at least 300€.

The details can be found on the auction page of the vehicle under the item vehicle description.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Instant transfers and normal bank transfers.

If you win an auction, i.e. the minimum price is reached and you are the highest bidder, we share with you the contact details of the seller. You can now communicate with the seller about the purchase contract and the pickup of the vehicle. You will also receive an invoice for Kickdown's service, which you can easily find under the "Payments" section. Kickdown has the possibility to collect these payments with the deposited payment method.

If the reserve price is not reached, the highest bidder will be contacted by a kickdown expert and we will try to reach an agreement between seller and buyer.

The text is written by our auction specialists with the utmost care according to discussions, photos and documents of the seller and other sources. Thus, full transparency is created.

If a bid is received within the last two minutes, the time will be extended by 2 minutes. This way we guarantee that everyone can place their maximum bid.

The Kickdown-Check includes 6 points about the condition of the offered vehicle and gives you for this a quick, transparent overview.

Yes, you can also bid from outside Europe. You just need to register completely and verify yourself via credit card.

Frequently asked questions: Automated bidding

An automatic bid is a great way to stay within your budget and remain the highest bidder! You set the maximum amount you are willing to bid and we take care of all the hassle. Vorteile:
  • You do not have to be present
  • Your bids will be placed automatically

All you need to do is decide on the maximum you’re willing to bid for a listing. From there, we’ll place the next bid for you (in steps of 500€) starting with a bid that increases the current highest bid by 500€. Unlike a regular bid, you don’t need to keep checking in and rebidding. If another bidder outbids you, we’ll place a bid for you to put you back on top. However we’ll never go above the limit you’ve set. If someone bids above your limit, we’ll let you know and then you can decide if you want to place another bid.

You can reach your automatic maximum bid immediately if:
  • The seller has set a minimum price equal to your automatic bid limit.
  • Your personal maximum bid is within the next increment of 500€.

Even if you reach your maximum bid immediately in these cases, it is important to know that we always stop at the limit you set. This means that you are always in control of how high your bid can go.

No. Whether it is a regular bid or an automatic bid, you cannot reduce or cancel a bid you have placed on Kickdown.

We will then stop bidding for you and tell you that you have reached your limit. After that, the decision about further participation in the auction is up to you.

Your automatic bid is private, i.e. only you and Kickdown can see your personal maximum bid. Other bidders cannot see your automatic bid limit. When a single bid is placed by the system, the bid appears in the bid history. Bids placed automatically by the system are also marked as such.

Frequently asked questions: Seller

Click on the button "Sell your classic car!" and enter the first key data for your vehicle. After that you choose an advertisement package. The lover package is the most booked package and increases the sales chance enormously by professional photos and additional marketing.

Advertisements start at 89€ for the standard advertisement. For an additional 200€ you can book our Bestseller Package incl. Premium Marketing. This leads to better auction results and more reach.

It is fast, uncomplicated and safe. You don't have to worry about anything and you get market rates without taking your vehicle to a dealer or consignment seller. Your vehicle simply stays at your home and we come by. We mainly address enthusiasts from all over Germany and Europe and not the all-knowing bargain hunters and "last price" askers.

If we accept your vehicle for auction, the listing fee will apply.

The commission is 3% plus VAT.

We will send you a mail with a detailed list after a request to get the most important information about your vehicle.

Yes. In consultation with one of our kickdown experts, you can set a minimum price. Your vehicle will not be sold below this price.

We will contact you if your vehicle is suitable. If not, you will also receive a message.

No. It is not intended to bid on one's own vehicle. Violation is punishable by law.

No. If the auction is live, you cannot end it early. If the vehicle is sold elsewhere early, the entire commission of 5% plus VAT will be due.

The minimum price can be adjusted downwards in retrospect, but not upwards.

An auction usually lasts between 7-10 days. Individual arrangements are possible.

Yes, your vehicle can be offered again. For this you can contact us at any time.

If the minimum bid is not reached, your car will not be sold. We always go into renegotiation afterwards to find a solution so that the sale can still be realized.

The listing is written by one of our auction specialists based on their submitted information.

Yes. The buyer has the opportunity to contact you and arrange a viewing appointment.

Kickdown is fast! If you give us a timely appointment and have sent all the details, our photographer will come to you within 1-5 business days and an editor will write the ad. Auctions can go online in under 7 days this way, this is also up to you.

You can communicate with potential buyers via the comment function under an auction.

We share with you the contact details of the buyer. You can now communicate with the buyer about the purchase contract and the pickup of the vehicle. You will also receive an invoice for Kickdown's service, which you can easily find under the "Payments" section. Kickdown has the possibility to collect these payments with the deposited means of payment.

You conclude a purchase contract directly with the buyer and agree on a payment method.

You pay for Kickdown's service and the seller's commission through the payment method you have on file.

Yes, our "Lover" offer includes a professional photo shoot for your vehicle. Simply select this at the beginning of the sales process.

We always recommend that you have the vehicle photographed by us. This increases the chances of sale many times over and often leads to better sales prices.

Pick up is organized between seller and buyer. However, we are happy to assist with additional services if the buyer requires transportation.

We have created a photo guide that shows you how to take good sales photos. Just click here for it.

If a vehicle is not sold within the auction, the vehicle will be offered for immediate purchase in the post-sale at the deposited minimum price. If an immediate purchase is triggered, we will contact you to inquire whether you still wish to sell the vehicle. So there is no obligation on your part that the car must be sold.

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