Triumph TR6 15 inch 2.5L 4-speed beautiful specimen (1969)

Triumph TR6 15 inch 2.5L 4-speed beautiful specimen (1969)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Manual Transmission71.223 mi
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US 🇩🇰 5550 Langeskovred

Vehicle description

The Triumph TR6, which was considered original English abroad, was the most successful of all TR models. Paradoxically, of the almost 100,000 roadsters built, not even ten percent found buyers in England, but the Briton was particularly popular in the USA. Based on the chassis of the TR4, Karmann designed an attractively smooth body in Osnabrück. The in-line six-cylinder was equipped with a mechanically working Lukas injection (USA models were equipped with a double carburetor), to the improved handling contributed an independent suspension with trailing arms at the rear. For the four-speed transmission, there was an optional overdrive. Like all TR, the TR6 embodies a robust piece of technology in which everyday practicality ranks above sophistication.

A Triumph TR6 from the year of construction 1968 is now also offered in this auction for auction. How many owners this British roadster has exactly, the current owner is no longer sure, but it is certain that the last owner in Denmark kept the car for a long time. Originally, the TR6 with the chassis number CC26619L was delivered to the USA, over the years it was then imported to Denmark. There is still 1 set of keys for the vehicle, a history for the traceability of the history of the car is available in the form of various inspection reports and receipts of invoices. Matching numbers are given according to the seller information. The Danish inspection carried out on this roadster is valid until May 2025.


According to the seller, the Triumph was completely repainted in a red shade. There are hardly any defects in the paint on the body, major damage or even corrosion are apparently not visible in the TR6. The canopy presents itself in crack-free condition. Striking on the TR6 is the striking matt black rear and the "TR6" lettering on the rear side panels. The chrome still shines as it should and neither on the front bumper nor on the rear bumper are traces of an accident to be detected. The seller notes that the TR6 is accident-free.


The tires of the brand Goodyear still have enough profile, the silver rims shine clean and have a size of 15 inches. In terms of braking, the front and rear brakes are in very good condition. Modifications to the chassis are not recognizable.


In the interior of the TR6 there are apparently no deviations from the original condition. The seller notes that the entire interior is preserved in good condition and gross damage can not be enumerated. The windows are cranked up and closed by hand, the hood can be opened perfectly and closed again without any problems. All levers, switches, buttons and instruments in the interior of the TR6 have an impeccable function. A contemporary radio can be found in the centre console of this British roadster.


A real board takes up the triumph's watch collection: the five-digit odometer shows 71,220 miles. According to the overall condition and the good basic substance, the total mileage is credible, and various documents are available for the traceability of the mileage.


The in-line six-cylinder carburetor engine of the Triumph TR6 has a displacement of 2.5 litres, and the power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission. According to the seller, a last service was carried out in 2022, a general inspection of the car did not reveal any defects.

A look at the underbody of the Triumph TR6 reveals a healthy and well-preserved condition. This Triumph TR6, which is offered here at auction, dates from the first year of production in 1968 and is worth considering for lovers of British classics as well as for friends of a purist roadster. The good technical and optical condition of this model on offer here speaks for itself: The future owner can easily take the road under the wheels.

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