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Porsche 968 Indian red extensive vehicle history Matching Numbers sunroof (1992)

Porsche 968 Indian red extensive vehicle history Matching Numbers sunroof (1992)
Auction ended
Auction end
20.000 €
Highest bid
Manufacturer Model Year
Gearshift24029.950 mi
Country VersionLocation Color
US🇩🇪 22391 HamburgIndian red

Vehicle description

Model History:

The Porsche 968 is a luxury sports car produced by Porsche from 1992 to 1995. It is a front-engine, rear-wheel drive vehicle with a transaxle layout. The 968 was powered by a 3.0-liter inline-four engine that produced 240 horsepower. The Porsche was available as a coupe or convertible and was known for its impressive handling and performance.

General information about the car:

For sale is a 1992 Porsche 968. The car with VIN WPOAA296XNS820263 is an import from the USA. The car had 4 previous owners and comes with matching numbers. There is a current MOT until December 2024 and has an H license plate. The car has 29,950 miles to date and has been accident free in the current owner's possession.


The exterior of the car is a bold Indian Red with the rear right side professionally repaired and repainted after rear end damage in the USA in 2007. The car has an elegant and sporty look, with a sloping roofline and sharp lines. According to the seller, the Porsche is on tires with 70-90% tread remaining. Overall, the body is in good condition according to the seller, with no rust on the underbody.


The interior features black leather luxury seats and a variety of modern features


The car is equipped with a sunroof, central locking and power steering for added comfort. Other features include power windows, automatic climate control, cruise control, ABS and a radio. According to the seller, the interior is in good condition with only minor wear to the seats and dashboard.


Under the hood is a powerful 240-horsepower engine mated to a smooth and responsive manual transmission. The car has been well maintained, a checkbook is available but not fully maintained. However, the mileage can be traced through the documents.


last inspection was done in December 2022 so the car is in good condition.

General Summary:

Overall, this 1992 Porsche 968 is a fantastic car for anyone looking for a luxurious and sporty vehicle. The car has been restored and is in good condition with only minor cosmetic issues and has been well cared for. With a powerful engine and a host of modern features, this car is ready to be driven.

Vehicle videos

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Verkaufsbedingungen Stand: (19.12.2022)

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Comments of this past auction

    31.07.2023 19:44 (10 months)

    In dieser Auktion ist der Mindestpreis bereits erreicht. Das bedeutet, dass das jetzige Gebot bereits ein Zuschlag ist, aber auch jedes Weitere, Höhere! Wir wünschen demnach allen Bietern viel Spaß bei dieser Auktion!

    • wolftheboss-avatarwolftheboss
      27.07.2023 18:20 (10 months)

      Ist das Fahrzeug unfallfrei ?

      • Carl.Brock_Kickdown-avatarCarl.Brock_Kickdown
        31.07.2023 14:18 (10 months)

        Guten Tag Herr Bühler, wie vermerkt hatte das Fahrzeug einen Heckschaden in den Vereinigten Staaten im Jahr 2007 und wurde ebenfalls dort instandgesetzt. - Carl Brock von Kickdown-

      • p-bwiemann-avatarp-bwiemann
        24.07.2023 19:22 (10 months)

        Ist die Reparatur dokumentiert?

        • Carl.Brock_Kickdown-avatarCarl.Brock_Kickdown
          25.07.2023 13:54 (10 months)

          Wir melden uns auch hier bald mit einem Update zurück nach erfolgter Rücksprache mit dem Verkäufer. Lieben Gruß- Carl Brock von Kickdown-

        • wolftheboss-avatarwolftheboss
          24.07.2023 08:33 (10 months)

          29000 Meilen oder 40.000 Meilen ?

          • Carl.Brock_Kickdown-avatarCarl.Brock_Kickdown
            25.07.2023 13:51 (10 months)

            Guten Tag, wie beschrieben entspricht die Angabe von 29.950 miles der korrekten Laufleistung. Lieben Gruß- Carl Brock von Kickdown-

          • dschulius-avatardschulius
            21.07.2023 15:36 (10 months)

            Es werden 2 unterschiedliche Kilometer Stände genannt. Welcher ist korrekt. Der Vorläufer des 996 war auch nicht der 968, sondern der 993.

            • Carl.Brock_Kickdown-avatarCarl.Brock_Kickdown
              21.07.2023 16:52 (10 months)

              Guten Tag, wir haben die Angaben überprüft und angepasst. Danke für Ihre Rückmeldung! Lieben Gruß- Carl Brock von Kickdown

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            🇩🇪 22391 Hamburg
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            20.000 €
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            31.07.2023 20:14


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