Porsche 911 991.1 Turbo S Cabrio complete checkbook only 26,000 kilometers (2014)

Porsche 911 991.1 Turbo S Cabrio complete checkbook only 26,000 kilometers (2014)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Automatic56026.700 km
Country VersionLocation Color
US🇩🇪 75173 Pforzheimwhite

Vehicle description

The history of the Porsche company began at the end of the 1940s, when the Stuttgart-based carmaker presented its first own vehicle, the Porsche 956. The small roadster acquired a loyal fan base, but the final breakthrough came in 1963. This year, the Porsche 911 was presented, which became the symbol of the brand and is now produced in the 8th generation. The appearance of the fast-paced sports car changed only slightly over the decades, while the striking front was essentially retained and the rear also uses typical Porsche style elements in the present. The traditionally round headlights became more oval from the mid-1990s and the aerodynamics were continuously improved. Another important step into modernity was the light-alloy body, which was used from the Porsche 991 onwards and improved the driving characteristics of the traditional sports car for the future.

In this auction, a Porsche 991 Turbo S Convertible is offered, which rolled off the production line in 2014. It represents one of the most powerful models of the seventh generation of the classic Porsche 911 and was first approved for road traffic in the year of its manufacture in the United States. The sports car returned to Germany via the detour Dubai only some time ago and suffered minor injuries in the front area after an accident damage. The vehicle has a complete checkbook and can prove matching numbers, but is currently not registered. The fully roadworthy Porsche 991 would have to complete the main inspection at the TÜV before commissioning and will be handed over to the new proud owner with all documents and the original keys.


The Porsche 991 Turbo S presents itself in a classic white and has a red soft top that gives it a very individual character. The body of the sports car has recently been repainted on the sides, but the minor collision damage at the front has not yet been completely repaired. Apart from this area, there are no defects on the exterior, so that the vehicle with the distinctive ventilation slots and the typical rear spoilers is in a good general condition.


Original Porsche alloy wheels are mounted on the vehicle, which are typical of the turbo version of the 991 with their 10-spoke look. Very nice Pirelli P-Zero tires are used, which can still be driven for a while, but how the brakes should be checked before registration. The chassis has not been modified since commissioning and, like the other components in this area, has no known defects.


For the design of the cockpit, mainly materials in classic black were used. The fittings look very well-groomed and also on the partly wine-red sporty leather chairs and the side panels in the same shade no signs of use are recognizable. The entire interior is very inviting, in addition, automatic climate control, cruise control, seat heating and radio are pleasant travel companions. The technical equipment includes power steering, central locking and power windows, while various driver assistance systems integrated by Porsche ensure a high level of safety.


The powerful Porsche 991 Turbo S has covered a total of 26,700 kilometres since its commissioning, which can be read on the fittings and is confirmed by the complete checkbook. Failure symptoms on the displays or instruments could not be detected so far, so that the entire technology can be regarded as fully functional.


The Porsche 991 Cabriolet uses a 6-cylinder boxer engine with turbocharging, which delivers 560 hp (412 kW) with a displacement of 3.8 litres. A 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive facilitate locomotion, allowing the power sports car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 318 km/h. The last service was carried out in March 2021, during which no defects were found in the engine, transmission and technical components. The underbody is still rust-free and the exhaust system is fully intact, so there is currently no reason for complaints.


The Porsche 991 Turbo S has not been susceptible to repair so far, so that no unscheduled workshop visits should be necessary in the future. Regular inspections should, of course, be carried out in order to maintain driving ability and to be able to show a complete checkbook.

The Porsche 991 is the seventh generation of the famous 911 and, in the Turbo S version, one of the most powerful sports cars approved for road traffic in Germany. The pure power is noticeable all over the body during short accelerations, and Porsche has also equipped the car with a sound symposium that transmits the engine noise via a diaphragm into the interior of the vehicle. This ensures additional authenticity, making the Porsche 911 S Turbo the perfect car for friends of the Porsche brand, for whom speed and the inimitable lifestyle of a convertible are particularly important.

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Comments of this past auction

  • Mike76-avatarMike7626.01.2023 19:50 (3 days)

    Habe Bilder vom Unfallschaden im Internet gefunden. Bin auf jeden Fall nicht mehr interessiert!

    • svintha-avatarsvintha26.01.2023 20:00 (2 days)

      wo sind diese denn zu sehen ?

      • Mike76-avatarMike7626.01.2023 20:09 (2 days)

        Einfach die Fahrgestellnummer bei Google eingeben und das auf Bilder gehen. Da ist einiges mit dem Wagen passiert…

      • GSA2010-avatarGSA2010Seller26.01.2023 19:52 (3 days)

        Trotzdem vielen Dank.

      • svintha-avatarsvintha26.01.2023 17:37 (3 days)

        2 schlüssel dabei ?

        • GSA2010-avatarGSA2010Seller26.01.2023 19:33 (3 days)

          1 Schlüssel

        • Mike76-avatarMike7626.01.2023 11:09 (3 days)

          Gibt es detaillierte Bilder vom Unfallschaden?

          • GSA2010-avatarGSA2010Seller26.01.2023 19:34 (3 days)

            Leider nicht wo wir das Auto bekommen haben war bereits Reparieren

          • KICKDOWN-avatarKICKDOWN26.01.2023 09:43 (3 days)

            Wir haben erneut Fotos hochgeladen, wo der Tacho zu sehen ist. Dieses ist jetzt in der Galerie zu finden. Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Ihr Kickdown Team.

            • GSA2010-avatarGSA2010Seller23.01.2023 21:43 (5 days)

              Steht bei der Anzeige genau erst bei Verkauf wird eine neu Voll-Abnahme durchgeführt.

              • Tomtom-avatarTomtom23.01.2023 21:38 (5 days)

                Hat das Auto schon den deutschen Fahrzeugbrief ?

                • svintha-avatarsvintha23.01.2023 20:23 (5 days)

                  beim usa Kombiinstrumen ist das Zifferblatt auf Meilen also wurde das auch oder komplette Kombiinstrument gewechselt !

                  • GSA2010-avatarGSA2010Seller23.01.2023 21:32 (5 days)

                    Zifferblatt ist umgerüstet aber die km nicht. das Fahrzeug ist lückenlos bei PZ gepflegt somit kann man ganz einfach bei PZ mit Fahrgestellnummer abfragen.

                    • dr.weidacher-avatardr.weidacher23.01.2023 20:27 (5 days)

                      Sag ich doch

                    • dr.weidacher-avatardr.weidacher23.01.2023 20:08 (5 days)

                      Wo kommt der Km-Tacho her ?ist der Wechsel von mls auf km dokumentiert? Da könnten eine Lücke klaffen oder eine höhere Laufleistung vorliegen…

                      • GSA2010-avatarGSA2010Seller23.01.2023 20:12 (5 days)

                        Hallo, Km und Mile kann man von Bordcomputer umstellen muss man keine Tacho wechseln. Nur Knopf drücken.!

                        • dr.weidacher-avatardr.weidacher23.01.2023 20:17 (5 days)

                          Das ja aber die Zifferblätter u d damit der ganze Tacho sind gewechselt worden da hilft kein Knopf drücken! Es ist ein neues Instrument verbaut!

                          • dr.weidacher-avatardr.weidacher23.01.2023 20:20 (5 days)

                            Egal ich kauf ihn deshalb so und so nicht - das Angebot erscheint mir ein bisschen dubios ich fahr seit fast 35 Jahren Porsche und die Sitze sind seitlich bei mir nach der angeblichen Km- Leistung nicht in diesem Zustand…

                      • svintha-avatarsvintha23.01.2023 18:42 (6 days)

                        wieviele vorbesitzer hat er denn ?

                        • Tomtom-avatarTomtom23.01.2023 15:20 (6 days)

                          Hallo lt. Serviceheft ist das Auto wohl aus den USA Ist das Aut denn Unfallfrei ? Grüße Thomas

                          • GSA2010-avatarGSA2010Seller23.01.2023 19:37 (6 days)

                            Hallo, Serviceheft ist dabei Fahrzeuge hat Links und Rechts einen Unfall der Ordnungsgemäß aufgehoben ist.

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