Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Only 61t Km 25.000€ invests 569 hp (2006)

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Only 61t Km 25.000€ invests 569 hp (2006)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Manual Transmission56961.000 km
Country VersionLocation Color
DE🇩🇪 79541 LörrachYellow

Vehicle description

The fastest, most technically advanced model in the then more than 50-year Corvette history was the so-called C6 Z06 with 512 hp. It was the successor of the C5 Z06 Corvette and became parallel to the racing car C6. R. There were some differences to the normal C6 Corvette in the Z06: Among other things, a 7.0-liter LS7 V8 aluminum engine with sodium-filled exhaust valves and titanium connecting rods, wider fenders and an aluminum frame were used. The Z06 is designed for performance, low weight and high body rigidity. A C6 Z06 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h only 11.9 seconds. The top speed is 320 km/h.

Such a Corvette Z06 can now be purchased in this auction: This American sports car with the FIN 1G1YY26EX65114182 is a year of construction 2006, which was registered for the first time in Germany and has a total of 3 holders to date. Of these, the last owner has been calling the Z06 his own for 12 years. A complete and thus complete history can be attributed by the seller of this Corvette, as a key there are still 2 pieces. In May of this year, the TÜV was completed and is therefore valid until May 2024. According to the seller, the so-called matching numbers are no longer given.


The livery of this Corvette Z06 is quite striking: In yellow, the sports car is extroverted. Compared to the normal C6 models, the Z06 has a fixed roof and an aluminum frame that ensures low vehicle weight and high rigidity at the same time. After consultation with the current owner, he has assured that there are no defects in the exterior of the Corvette with its CFRP elements, which could cloud the very well-maintained and well-preserved body condition. Only the GRP sill under the passenger door was repainted, otherwise this Corvette still proudly wears its first paint dress. Modifications deviating from the original condition are not to be determined.


In addition to the exterior color, the ZR1 rims with 19 inches on the front axle and 20 inches on the rear axle also cause a sensation. The tyres of the Pilot Super Sport 2 model have been specially adapted to the Corvette Z06 by the Michelin company: The tyres mounted on this sports car have only driven 1,500 kilometres since the change. The current holder states the condition of the brakes as new (discs + pads), in the area of the chassis the Z06 were delivered as standard with a racing suspension – no defects are recognizable here.


Motorsport feeling comes up in the interior when you sit on the Recaro Pole Position bucket seats and as a driver take on the 3-spoke Alcantara steering wheel with yellow stitching and yellow 12 o'clock marking in your hands – the shift bag is also made of Alcantara. Damage or even missing parts in the interior of this Corvette Z06 can not be enumerated, as all interior elements are in an impeccable and complete condition. In addition to power steering and central locking, the equipment includes electric windows, heated seats, air conditioning, ABS, cruise control, steering column adjustment and a radio with display.


On the sporty-looking instrument cluster with white numbers and red hands in this Corvette, a mileage of 61,000 kilometers can be read. The mileage can be traced on the one hand via a complete checkbook, on the other hand via a large number of documents. Many invoices of the most important works can be viewed in the photo gallery. In addition, the complete on-board folder is included. All instruments in the interior of the Corvette can be attested to a problem-free function.


As standard, the factory-assembled LS7 V8 aluminium engine delivers 512 hp: the connecting rods of the engine are made of titanium. This V8 was measured by mechanical tuning (with evidence) on the test bench with 569 hp. A 6-speed manual transmission ensures power transmission to the rear axle. In April 2022, according to the seller, a final service took place (all fluids were replaced), the recent repair work includes the renewal of the clutch in addition to the completely renewed brakes. Furthermore, the current owner mentions that all Corvette-typical vulnerabilities / technical problems have been fixed and since the purchase of the sports car in 2010 almost 25,000 € have been invested. The cylinder heads were overhauled (ground), hydraulic tappets were replaced, double valve springs made of titanium were installed, titanium plates and spring shaft seals were renewed. It is also important to mention which workshops looked after these Z06 under the last owner: On the one hand, this was the Corvette Total from Bonstetten near Zurich in Switzerland and in Germany a specialist who is considered THE professional in the Corvette scene when it comes to the American sports cars – Dyno-Center GmbH.


The underbody of this Corvette Z06 can be found in perfect and therefore unobjectionable condition. Bull torque, spontaneous response and enormous driving pleasure are already on the general credit side of a standard Corvette C6. With this Z06, these characteristics are further enhanced and underlined with various motorsport attributes. In addition, this Z06 is the fastest, most technically advanced model of its time that the Chevrolet brand has ever put on its wheels. If even the standard 512 hp of a Z06 are anything but easy to tame, this yellow Corvette offered here puts a shovel on it again through the mechanical tuning measures – and all this steadfast, since all known technical problems have been eliminated by the current holder. It is also worth mentioning that all original parts such as camshaft, air filter, seats and rims are available and can be added to the Z06 on request.

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    • ColeTrickle-avatarColeTrickle13.07.2022 09:56 (7 months)

      Das heißt es ist nicht mehr der originale Motor verbaut?

      • hugo.wespi-avatarhugo.wespi11.07.2022 13:51 (7 months)

        Wieso sind die matching Numbers nicht mehr gegeben?

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