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Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealers (2008)

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Fiat 500 for Ferrari Dealers SPECIAL EDITION No. 57 of 200 pieces Worldwide complete checkbook (2008)
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15.000 €
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Manufacturer Model Year
Fiat500 Ferrari Dealers2008
Manual10062.500 km
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DEDE-94209 Regenred

Vehicle description

Model history:

In 2008, Fiat launched a special edition of the Fiat 500 in cooperation with the renowned sports car manufacturer Ferrari. Produced in a strictly limited number of only 200 units, this special Fiat 500 advanced to become a coveted collector's item. This extraordinary combination of two Italian automotive icons gives the Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealers an incomparable appeal. Under the hood, this vehicle houses a powerful 1.4-liter engine with a remarkable output of 100 horsepower, which is quite remarkable for a vehicle of this size and class. In addition to the impressive performance, this version is characterized by numerous exclusive design elements that make the Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealers a real eye-catcher on the roads.

General information about the vehicle:

The 2008 Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealers is a unique vehicle that embodies both the charm of the Fiat 500 and the sportiness of Ferrari. The vehicle identification number of this example is ZFA31200000157610. It is a 2008 model that has been driven by two owners so far. Currently, the car has a valid MOT sticker that is valid until October 2023. The car is ready to drive, but currently not registered. Another plus is the complete checkbook, which documents the comprehensive maintenance history of the vehicle. It should also be noted that the Fiat has always been driven accident-free.

Exterior color/paint/bodywork:

In the brand-typical Ferrari red manufacturer color the car presents itself on the roads. This trademark color scheme gives the car a sporty presence and complements the Fiat's lines. The current owner assures that no repainting of any kind has been done, thus preserving the originality of the paint condition. As also evidenced by the series of pictures, the paint is in apparently good shape, but minor normal signs of use may be present. In addition to the eye-catching hue, this special edition Fiat is adorned with the Ferrari logo proudly emblazoned on the body. This subtle exterior modification adds an exclusive touch to the vehicle and underscores its connection to the renowned sports car manufacturer.

Exterior Rims/Brakes/Chassis:

The Ferrari horse also shines proudly on the alloy wheels. The rims skillfully underscore the sporty look of the Fiat. Mounted on the rims are Hankook tires that have a good tread depth, estimated at between 70 and 90%. This ensures optimum grip and a safe driving experience. In terms of the chassis, no modifications are visible, which indicates that it has been preserved in its original condition. The brake system of the Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealer also makes a very good impression. The use condition is estimated to be around 70-90%, which indicates adequate functionality and maintenance. However, it should be noted that the rims have visible scratches and scuffs in the pictures. Apart from these external flaws, the chassis is in good condition overall.


The interior design is another highlight from the Special Edition. Black leather seats are combined here with a red dashboard, a sporty steering wheel and silver limited edition door sill plates. In addition, the interior is in an apparently good and well-maintained condition. A further impression and more flashing angles are provided by the professional picture series. Not only visually does the interior have a lot to offer, but it also comes with quite a bit of equipment. Among them are: Power steering, central locking, power windows, sunroof, air conditioning, ABS and a radio.


About 62500 km the red Fiat was moved over the asphalt


Since a complete checkbook is available, this value can be easily traced. Furthermore, the owner confirms that all instruments and gauges work without any problems.


The 1.4-liter engine with 100 hp lets the small car sprint over the roads. The power is transmitted by a 6-speed manual transmission. Although the Fiat clearly draws the short straw from the other Ferrari models, it doesn't have to hide under any circumstances with its performance. The seller certifies that the car's technology and engine run flawlessly. The last service was done in November 2021.


The underside of the Fiat 500 also shows itself to be in good condition. This is described by the current owner as rust-free. Furthermore, there are no known defects there either. The car was regularly professionally maintained and can be taken directly to the streets after successful auction and registration.

The Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealers offered here is an absolute rarity. Only 200 examples were produced and given to certain Ferrari dealers as a customer replacement vehicle. According to information available to us, number 57 of 200 is offered here. For collectors and Ferrari lovers, the little red runabout is an absolute highlight.

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