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Mercedes-Benz R107 300SL replacement engine Air conditioning Electric windows (1986)

Mercedes-Benz R107 300SL replacement engine Air conditioning Electric windows (1986)
Auction ended
Auction end
33.500 €
Highest bid
Manufacturer Model Year
Mercedes BenzR107 300SL1986
Automatic188246.000 Km
Not or only partially comprehensible.
Country VersionLocation Color
DE🇩🇪 40233 DüsseldorfSignal Red

Vehicle description

Model history:

The SL of the 1970s undoubtedly represents an icon of the SL history of Mercedes-Benz: The R 107, which came onto the market in 1971. With its long production period, which lasted a full 18 years, the 107 is the longest series built by Mercedes-Benz. This led to a great variety of models and at the same time to an incredible number of over 237,000 roadsters. In addition, it is the first SL which no longer gets the "W" for wagon as type code, but an "R" for roadster. Safety continues to be a top priority in the 3rd generation of the Mercedes-Benz SL:


belt whips disappear, ABS is available from 1980, even a driver airbag is optionally available from 1982.

General information about the vehicle:

The Mercedes-Benz put up for auction in this auction is a 300 SL of the R 107 series. This roadster with the VIN WDB1070411A036297 dates from the year of construction 1986 and was first registered for traffic in November of the same year. According to the seller, the previous owner had driven this 300 SL regularly and only in good weather and always put it in a specially ventilated garage afterwards. The so-called Matching Numbers are no longer available, a rich history is however given after consultation with the salesman with this 300 SL.

Exterior color/paint/body:

Optically above all the color tone of this Mercedes Benz R 107 sticks out to the viewer: "signal red" (color code 568) is called the lacquer color of the Roadster. According to the seller's statements, no inconsistencies on the body or rough damages can be found - moreover, all add-on parts such as trim elements and bumpers are in a well-preserved condition. The seller lets mention that the soft top - although extremely rarely used - shows its age and the side windows have cracks. According to the master saddler, who looked at this soft top, it is in original condition and since the vehicle will probably not be moved in the rain, it would be a pity to replace this Mercedes-Benz original soft top, which is actually in a healthy condition considering its age.

Exterior Rims/Brakes/Chassis:

The further optical appearance is provided by so-called Mercedes-Benz "Gullideckel" aluminum rims, on which Nexen tires are mounted


Neither in the area of the brake system nor at the chassis of this car deficits can be enumerated after consultation with the salesman.


"Leather date" is found in the interior of this Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster: Although a slightly worn seat cheek can be recognized at the driver's seat, the interior of this vehicle convinces on the whole by its apparently well-kept condition. After deciphering the equipment codes of this Mercedes-Benz, the following optional features can be mentioned: Outside temperature display, cruise control, ABS, heated outside mirrors left and right, automatic antenna, folding armrest in front, automatic air conditioning, power windows, heated seats. In addition, a JVC accessory radio with CD changer in the trunk and subsequently installed additional speakers in the rear are on board the vehicle.


From a Mercedes workshop was installed at 200,000 kilometers a replacement engine


At the moment, the speedometer shows a mileage of 246,300, which means that the engine has only covered 46,300 kilometers. In addition to a rich history, there is also a note in the former purchase contract that a replacement engine was used. All interior instruments show impeccable function.


In keeping with the low mileage of the 3.0-liter inline six, the engine of this 300 SL runs very smoothly and, according to the seller, flawlessly. The power of this Mercedes-Benz of 188 hp is delivered to the rear wheels via 4-speed automatic transmission.


Negative conspicuities on the underside of this vehicle cannot be mentioned according to

the seller


The Mercedes 107 series represents a timeless as well as elegant classic. With this 300 SL offered here, the fresh color combination and the well-kept state of preservation ensure enthusiasm. In addition, the future owner can look forward to a rich equipment in this Mercedes-Benz from the year of manufacture 1986.

Vehicle videos

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Verkaufsbedingungen Stand: (19.12.2022)

The description of this auction has been made to the best of the seller's knowledge. The condition of this vehicle is based on the opinion of the seller and may differ from your own opinion. The description and photos are for reference. Kickdown does not guarantee the accuracy of the listing and recommends a viewing. The seller decides whether a viewing can be made. Bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and make all necessary inquiries before placing a bid. For this purpose, please use the comments and questions section for additional information. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Comments of this past auction

  • stevizw-avatarstevizw29.11.2022 14:54 (about 1 year)

    Was für ein Motor bzw von welchem Fahrzeug ist verbaut? Wenn ein moderner Motor drin ist, was verbraucht er den jetzt auf 100 km? H Kennzeichen möglich?

    • KICKDOWN-avatarKICKDOWN29.11.2022 15:05 (about 1 year)Liked by 2

      Wir verstehen die Frage nicht so ganz. Es ist ein originaler 300er Motor verbaut. Es handelt sich lediglich um einen Austauschmotor. Dieser hat erst ca. 46.000Km auf der Uhr. Er verbraucht idR. ca. 12-13l, mal mehr, mal weniger - je nach Fahrweise. Das h-Kennzeichen liegt schon vor, wie bereits mehrfach in den kommentaren geschrieben. Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Ihr Kickdown Team.

    • KICKDOWN-avatarKICKDOWN29.11.2022 13:41 (about 1 year)

      Der Besitzer lässt ausrichten, dass der 107er auch noch etwa 1 Jahr TÜV hat.

      • Fred-avatarFred29.11.2022 10:14 (about 1 year)

        Hat er Tüv und H-KZ

        • KICKDOWN-avatarKICKDOWN29.11.2022 11:47 (about 1 year)Liked by 1

          Eine H-Zulassung liegt vor. TÜV kann bei Verkauf auf Wunsch und nach Absprache neu gemacht werden. Mit freundlichen Grüßen

        • Budweiser-avatarBudweiser28.11.2022 21:14 (about 1 year)

          Besitzt das Fahrzeug ein H-Kennzeichen?

          • KICKDOWN-avatarKICKDOWN29.11.2022 11:47 (about 1 year)Liked by 1

            Eine H-Zulassung liegt selbstverstänldich bereits vor.

          • ColeTrickle-avatarColeTrickle27.11.2022 20:23 (about 1 year)Liked by 1

            Ist Barzahlung möglich?

            • KICKDOWN-avatarKICKDOWN29.11.2022 11:47 (about 1 year)Liked by 1

              Wir haben mit unserem Kunden gesprochen. Eine Barzahlung ist nach Absaprache mit ihm möglich und kann immer individuell besprochen werden. Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Ihr Kickdown Team.

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