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Nissan S12 Turbo (1988)

Nissan Silvia S12 Turbo from 2nd hand only 80,876 km mileage electric windows good condition (1988)
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8.600 €
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Manufacturer Model Year
NissanS12 Turbo1988
Manual12280.876 km
Country VersionLocation Color
JPDE-79771 Erzingen red

Vehicle description

Model history:

The Nissan Silvia S12 Turbo was produced from August 1983 to 1989 and won the hearts of car fans worldwide. With its powerful turbo unit and striking design, the S12 Turbo embodies the perfect combination of style and performance. The versions included both the coupe and the hatchback version, which had clear similarities to the liftback models of the Toyota Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno AE86. In 1986, the Japanese sports car underwent revision changes with the Mark II, since then it has had retractable pop-up headlights.

General information about the vehicle:

Now such a Nissan Silvia S12 Turbo is offered in the following auction. The car with the VIN JN 1 00R S12 U051 2774 was first registered on the roads in 1988. To date, it has been driven by two previous owners. According to information available to us, the Nissan was imported from its home country of Japan. The car has a valid MOT until March 2025, is registered and ready to drive. In addition, an H license plate certifies the car's classic car status and so-called matching numbers confirm the original condition of the body. A checkbook is available, but there are gaps. Otherwise, the Nissan has been expertly restored and is currently still being moved out of the garage for fair-weather trips.

Exterior paint/paint/body:

The car presents itself on the asphalt in a sporty red paintwork. According to the owner, the Silvia S12 was completely repainted during a restoration and has since been in a condition that its owner describes as very good. The pictures also show that the Nissan is decorated with Jägermeister and No.78 stickers in various places. In addition, Wesem brand headlights were added. Apart from that, no other modifications to the body are recognizable. The owner confirms that the car is accident-free.

Exterior rims/brakes/chassis:

Visually appealing black 8-spoke GTR rims complement the car's red paintwork. According to the owner, the Viking tires mounted on it have a tread depth as good as new. He also certifies that the brake system is in very good condition. Overall, the chassis makes a good impression without any inconsistencies.


In keeping with the exterior, the interior presents itself in a black and red design. The red seat trim with grain is combined with a classic two-spoke steering wheel, black and red door panels, dark velour elements, a black center console and a timeless dashboard. As the series of pictures attests, the interior is also in a well-kept condition. Furthermore, the Nissan also has a lot of equipment, including: sunroof, power steering, power windows and a radio.


The mileage display of the Silvia S12 shows about 81500 km. This value is comprehensible according to information from the owner. It also certifies that the instruments and displays in the interior are fully functional.


A 1.8-liter engine with 122 hp moves the Nissan through the roads. By means of a manual 5-speed gearbox, the power is transmitted to the axles. In addition, the owner explains that the gearbox and engine are clean and dry. The existing images confirm this statement. Overall, according to the information available to us, the engine and technology run smoothly and reliably. The last service was completed in June 2022.


In keeping with the rest of the body, the underbody is rust-free and dry. The rear axle is also in good condition appropriate for the age and apparently has no recognizable defects.

Collectors and lovers of special cars get the opportunity to purchase a Nissan Silvia S12 Turbo in perfect condition. Both visually and technically, the car is - as the owner describes - in a defect-free condition. This car combines classic design with sporty performance.

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Comments of this past auction

    30.05.2023 19:58 (about 1 year)

    Für alle, die etwas Besonderes möchten! Dieser S12 ist ein Hingucker, so viel steht fest. Für verhältnismäßig kleines Geld erhält man hier die geballte Ladung an Spaß und Freude. Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Spaß und Erfolg - Ihr Kickdown Team.

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