Land Rover Range Rover Classic V8 Climate 2nd Hand (1990)

Land Rover Range Rover Classic V8 Climate 2nd Hand (1990)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Land RoverRange Rover1990
Automatic transmission173240.000 km
Country VersionLocation Color
GR🇩🇪 10709 BerlinLand Rover Aspen Silver

Vehicle description

Unlike the extremely useful Land Rover, the noble Range Rover targeted a completely different group of buyers when it made its debut in 1970. For the first time, the Briton combined classic off-road vehicle virtues with the comforts of a luxurious chassis. His mission: He should cut a good figure in front of the opera house as well as in tough off-road use, such as hunting or expeditions. Under the hood, a V8 developed by GM with a displacement of 3.5 liters ensured adequate driving performance, over the years the displacement and performance increased. The Range Rover shaped the image of the luxurious lifestyle off-roader like no other off-road vehicle before and is sometimes one of the pioneers of SUVs.

A Range Rover Classic from the year of construction 1990 can now also be bought in this auction: The two-door car offered here with the FIN SALLHAAM4GA440113 and first registration in January 1991 is an import from Greece. According to the current owner, a Greek family owned the Range Rover until 2019, in total the car has 2 owners. 2 sets of vehicle keys – 1 key system each – are available in addition to a partial history – which is based on various documents. According to the seller, matching numbers are given, the Range Rover is already in possession of an H-approval and the TÜV will run until February 2023.


Over the years, this Range Rover Classic, called "Land Rover Aspen Silver", has undergone a partial repaint. According to the seller, no accident occurred. In terms of bodywork, the obviously rust-free car presents itself in a very well-preserved condition. All plastic elements on the vehicle are completely preserved and present in good condition, even the large glass surfaces of the Range Rover show no deficits such as stone chips or scratches. As a modification to the exterior, the LED headlights at the front are to be mentioned, which have only recently been newly installed – otherwise the external condition of the car is not to be attested to any changes deviating from the original condition.


Yokohama tyres – which have only recently been rewound – together with original 3-spoke alloy wheels provide the visual appearance of the Range Rover Classic. After consultation with the seller, the seller states that the brakes have been renewed and that there is a level control and a rear stabilizer in the area of the chassis.


Full leather can be taken from the interior of the Range Rover: seats as well as door panels and dashboard are all covered with leather. In terms of condition, the interior can be attributed a well-kept condition – gross damage or missing parts are obviously not present. In addition to power steering, central locking, power windows, air conditioning and a radio, the navigation system, the high-end audio and an Apple Car Play are also included as accessories.


On the left in the instrument cluster is the tachometer with cooling water temperature and fuel gauge, on the right is the speedometer with integrated speedometer: 240,340 kilometers can be read on it. Various documents as well as earlier invoices exist for the traceability of the history of the Range Rover. All instruments in the interior have a flawless function.


Under the hood sits the V8 engine, which generates a whopping 173 hp from a displacement of 3.9 liters. The power transmission is provided by a 4-speed automatic transmission from the manufacturer ZF, which inserts the individual gears perfectly. The last maintenance work took place in June 2022, defects in the powertrain are apparently not present, and the most recent repairs include the renewal of the radiator, transfer case and exhaust.


Given the overall mileage of this Range Rover, the underbody is in extremely good condition – a recent underbody seal protects the underbody from rust. The style and line of a classic Range Rover simply fit anytime and anywhere – comfort, space, V8 engine and the dignified handling are on the credit side of this vehicle. The fact that the Range Rover Classic offered here is a two-door makes it rarer than the four-door nowadays – in combination with the automatic transmission and the air conditioning, high demands on everyday suitability can also be met.

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