Chevrolet Corvette C2 clean title 327 Sidepipes Note 2+ (1966)

Chevrolet Corvette C2 clean title 327 Sidepipes Note 2+ (1966)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Automatic300964 km
Country VersionLocation Color
US🇩🇪 86150 Augbsurgred

Vehicle description

In 1962, Chevrolet introduced the second generation of the Corvette under the name "Sting Ray". The stingray look was created under GM design chief Bill Mitchell and differed significantly from that of its rounder predecessor. With the C2, Chevrolet offered for the first time a coupe next to the roadster. A highlight of the first model year was the split rear window, which then had to give way to a conventional rear window due to poor visibility to the rear. In the basic version, a small block V8 with a size of 327 cubic inch (5.7 liters) and at least 250 SAE hp did its job, from 1965 also Big Block power plants with up to 435 hp from 7.0-liter displacement came into the trade.

Now, in this auction, there is the opportunity to buy a second-generation Chevrolet Corvette from 1966 as a coupe. The first registration of this Sting Ray took place in July 1966 in the USA – this C2 is a so-called "black plate car", which means that this Corvette has run from delivery to the last day in California and nowhere else. The number of owners and a detailed history of the Sting Ray are no longer known, but the seller notes that this vehicle with the chassis number 194376S115040 has a "clean title". 2 vehicle keys are still available, a Classic Data report, which certifies the Corvette the condition grade 2+, is also available. TÜV and an H-approval are not yet available.


The body shape of the Sting Ray, painted in red in this case, is striking and unmistakable. The current owner has it mentioned that the Corvette has small dents at the bumper corners and the paint on the hood has a few minimal bubbles. A repainting of the body took place years ago in the USA, an accident is completely ruled out by the seller. In brilliant condition, all chrome elements on the C2 are preserved, missing parts or modifications to the exterior are apparently not to be listed. Striking are definitely the original 327 sidepipes, which provide a unique sound backdrop.


The rims are original Corvette steel rims in the size of 15 inches, on which whitewall tires are mounted in good condition with sufficient tread. According to the seller, the brake system is also in good shape. Obviously, no deficits can be taken from the chassis.


Black faux leather seats can be found in the interior of this Corvette C2: the driver reaches for a 3-spoke wooden steering wheel. Although a crack in the passenger seat is recognizable and the dashboard could be renewed according to the seller, but on the whole door panels, interior carpet, headliner and the remaining interior elements are in a well-kept state of preservation. Power steering and a radio are part of the equipment, the window regulators are operated by hand crank. All controls such as the original radio or the heater as well as the blower work perfectly.


7 round instruments inform the Corvette driver about all important data, on the 5-digit speedometer a mileage of 964 kilometers can be read. The actual mileage is no longer known to the current holder. All displays in the cockpit are preserved in perfectly functioning condition.


The 5.7-liter V8 Small Block V8 engine in the bow of the C2 delivers 300 hp. This power is brought to the road via the 2-speed "Powerglide" automatic via the rear axle. In 2021, the last service work took place, defects in the technology exist according to the seller statements. Most recently, the following components were added: support joints, tie rods, tie rod bushings, leaf springs including bushings, stabis rear, starter, oil pan deflection lever, fan wheel as well as various instruments and the speedometer. As an upcoming repair, the current holder mentions the light switch.


The condition of the underside of this Sting Ray can be described as very good. Since the introduction of the V8 version in 1955 at the latest, the Corvette has been regarded as the epitome of the American production sports car. They have always been appreciated for their unbridled performance and brute appearance. With the introduction of the C2, the shape also matches the exuberant SAE hp of the car. With this 1966 Corvette offered here in the coupé version, not only the beautiful color combination speaks for itself, but also the good state of preservation of the exterior, interior and underbody. This Stingray features a rare combination of sidepipes and automatic transmission. At the time, the seller was looking for this combination for a very long time. The automatic transmission was overhauled in the USA in 2015.

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