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Andere Wolga GAZ 21 (1972)

Volga GAZ 21 sedan good condition radio extensively restored (1972)
Auction ended
Auction end
6.600 €
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Manufacturer Model Year
AndereWolga GAZ 211972
Manually75112.644 km
Not or only partially comprehensible.
Country VersionLocation Color
LV🇩🇪 15344 StrausbergBlack

Vehicle description

Model history:

The Volga GAZ 21 from 1972 is a Soviet classic that still delights many car lovers today. This model was produced from 1956 to 1970 and has been built a total of almost 650,000 times. Special to this version was the new engine, which provided a higher power and the design, which was modified from its predecessor, the GAZ Pobeda.

General information about the vehicle:

This beautiful Volga GAZ 21 from 1972 with the vehicle identification number 0530 is an imported car from Latvia. According to the seller, it had a total of four previous owners, about whom no further information is available. The vehicle had TÜV until 2022 and is currently not approved. Nevertheless, it is fully roadworthy and accident-free in its current possession. A checkbook is not available. In addition, the GAZ does not have an H mark and there is no information on the part of the owner about any expert opinion.

Exterior colour/varnish/body:

The exterior of the Volga GAZ 21 from 1972 presents itself in the manufacturer's color black, but has been completely repainted. Apart from the new paintwork, no other external modifications are known. The seller states that there is no damage such as rust, blemishes or dents.

Exterior rims/brakes/chassis:

Regarding the chassis, rims and brakes of the Volga GAZ 21 from 1972, there are no modifications, all components are in original condition. Both the rims and the tires are original manufacturer components. The seller estimates the condition of the brakes and tires at about 30-50%, but there are no known defects.


In the interior of the Volga GAZ 21 from 1972 a classic equipment can be found. The seats are finished with black, beige fabric covers. The classic Volga steering wheel and the radio are an absolute eye-catcher and round off the interior of the Volga beautifully.


On the framed speedometer 12644 kilometers can be read. However, it is not clear whether this mileage is traceable or whether it is a reading that can be easily read. There is no checkbook available to verify mileage. However, the seller states that all instruments in the car work.


Under the hood of the GAZ 21 is a four-cylinder engine with an output of 75 hp. The transmission is a manual transmission. According to the seller, the last service was carried out in May 2018. We do not have any further information on the maintenance status of the engine.


The condition of the underbody of the Volga GAZ 21 from 1972 shows slight age-related flash rust and was partially welded. Further impressions can be found in the attached pictures. There is no information from the seller as to whether there are things that need to be done.

Who is this car for?

The Volga is a Soviet classic with a powerful engine. The car is super suitable for classic car lovers and collectors.

Vehicle videos

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Verkaufsbedingungen Stand: (19.12.2022)

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Comments of this past auction

  • sanja666-avatarsanja666
    21.03.2023 19:37 (about 1 year)

    keine fragen wurden beantwortet von verkäufer und von kickdown experten Lucas Bechthold 3 email geschrieben.

    • sanja666-avatarsanja666
      19.03.2023 13:19 (about 1 year)

      kriegt man das Fahrzeug in Deutschland zugelassen mit litauischen Papieren

      • sanja666-avatarsanja666
        19.03.2023 11:30 (about 1 year)

        Muss man noch was schweißen oder reparieren

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