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BMW E24 635 CSi from private collection only 61,300 km manual transmission checkbook very good condition (1981)

BMW E24 635 CSi from private collection only 61,300 km manual transmission checkbook very good condition (1981)
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Auction end
36.500 €
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Manufacturer Model Year
Manual Transmission21861.300 Km
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CH🇩🇪 79227 SchallstadtHennarot

Vehicle description

Model history:

With the six-seater, internally called E24, BMW chief designer Paul Bracq, who previously designed the Pagoda and the Stroke Eight for Mercedes-Benz, creates a shapely car whose stylistic idiosyncrasy reflects the experimental fashion of the 70s. The design with the distinctly dynamic shark nose and the evil-looking dual headlights make the E24 an eye-catcher on the roads, then as now. In addition to sportiness, the 6 Series Coupé was also able to offer comfort and space. The most sought-after model of its kind at that time was the 635 CSI, with 3.5-liter displacement and 218 hp.

General information about the vehicle:

Offered for sale in this auction is now a BMW 635 CSI of the series E24, which comes from the year 1981, according to the seller is an import from Switzerland and has only two holders in Germany. After the CSI was in Switzerland, it went directly to BMW, which had the car only for your showroom, but this was registered. It was not driven. Then he went into the collection of the third holder.Matching numbers are given and this 6 Series Coupé is already in possession of an H-approval. Due to the available history, which includes a complete checkbook, the total mileage of the car can be traced. The last completed TÜV is valid until October 2024 after consultation with the current owner of the vehicle.

Exterior colour/varnish/body:

The extremely extroverted exterior paint finish of this BMW 635 CSI is presented in "Henna Red". BMW has already completely repainted the E24 - this happened after consultation with the seller but not because of damage, but because of the optics. An accident can be completely ruled out. Modifications to the body, which do not correspond to the original condition of the coupe, are not available. To get a detailed picture of the body, the paint and all the add-on parts, we recommend looking through the telling series of pictures of the 635 CSI.

Exterior rims/brakes/chassis:

Both the brakes and the tires attest to the seller 70-90% of their new condition, in the area of the chassis according to him no inconsistencies to list. In addition to the paint color, the golden BBS multi-spoke rims are definitely an eye-catcher of this E24.


Black leather seats in the interior serve as a contrast to the red exterior - overall, the interior of this 635 CSI is in black and there are no damage or missing parts, according to the seller. In addition to power steering and power windows, a radio should be mentioned as an equipment feature. All controls as well as displays and instruments in the interior can obviously be said to function perfectly. For a detailed overview of the interior and its state of preservation, we refer to the many photos in the picture gallery.


The instrumentation in the BMW 635 CSI is clearly structured and easy to read: a mileage of 61,000 kilometres can be read off on the speedometer. Due to the fact that a complete checkbook for this E24 is available, the total mileage of the car can be proven beyond doubt.


The 218 hp 3.5-litre six-cylinder in-line engine of the 635 CSI provides proper propulsion - the power transmission of this power to the rear axle is provided by a 5-speed manual transmission. A final service took place in October 2022 after consultation with the seller.


The current owner of the vehicle describes the condition of the underbody, which is well preserved according to the low overall mileage, as rustproof and unwelded. Furthermore, the seller mentions that the BMW was never driven in rain or snow and is ideally suited as a collector's vehicle due to the low mileage and the correspondingly well-maintained condition. In addition, this 635 CSI with its colour combination has a sporty, at the same time contemporary look.

Vehicle videos

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Verkaufsbedingungen Stand: (19.12.2022)

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The description of this auction has been made to the best of the seller's knowledge. The condition of this vehicle is based on the opinion of the seller and may differ from your own opinion. The description and photos are for reference. Kickdown does not guarantee the accuracy of the listing and recommends a viewing. The seller decides whether a viewing can be made. Bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and make all necessary inquiries before placing a bid. For this purpose, please use the comments and questions section for additional information. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Comments of this past auction

  • antoniotena-avatarantoniotenaSeller14.02.2023 19:37 (10 months)

    Mit der Klima

    • antoniotena-avatarantoniotenaSeller14.02.2023 19:37 (10 months)

      Ich weiß das wirklich nicht!!!

      • antoniotena-avatarantoniotenaSeller14.02.2023 19:36 (10 months)

        Würde mich mit 500 Euro an der Klimaanlage beteiligen falls er eine hat🙈

        • antoniotena-avatarantoniotenaSeller14.02.2023 19:26 (10 months)Liked by 1

          Im Kaufvertrag mit der BMW Niederlassung Ungeheuer ist der Kilomezerstand von 57 tsd & ein paar zerquetschte eingetragen

          • antoniotena-avatarantoniotenaSeller14.02.2023 19:23 (10 months)Liked by 1

            Das Fahrzeug kam 2012 nach Deutschland, die Kilometer sind 100 Prozent Original.

            • antoniotena-avatarantoniotenaSeller14.02.2023 19:21 (10 months)Liked by 1

              Liebe Bieter der ersteigentümer verstarb 2012 und davor stand das Fahrzeug nur aufgrund einer langwierigen Krankheit. Der Nachfolger(2te Hand) war das BMW Autohaus Ungeheuer

              • 19:07 (10 months)

                Ist eine Klimaanlage verbaut und falls ja, funktioniert diese?

                • ralfster2001-avatarralfster200114.02.2023 18:44 (10 months)

                  Gibt es denn irgendwelche Unterlagen zu der Zeit zwischen 1992 und 2017? Nicht gerade lückenlos... Wann wurde das Auto aus der Schweiz importiert?

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