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Oldsmobile 98 (1948)

Oldsmobile 98 Accident-free Restored 2nd hand TÜV Approved H license plate Very well-kept condition (1948)
Auction end
19.000 €
Manufacturer Model Year
Manual11786.000 mi
Not or only partially comprehensible.
Country VersionLocation Color
USDE-88459 TannheimBordeaux Metallic

Vehicle description

Highlights and general information

For sale is an Oldsmobile 98 from 1948 in the color Bordeaux Metallic with a grey fabric interior.


  • 2nd hand, accident-free and very well-kept overall condition
  • Interior with very well-kept, gray fabric upholstery
  • Investment in the amount of €3,500
  • TÜV, Approved, H license plate, Restored

General information about the vehicle

  • Year of construction: 1948
  • First registration: USA, 1948
  • Location: 88459 Tannheim, Germany
  • 2 vehicle owners
  • TÜV until 11/25
  • H license plate
  • Accident-free
  • Approved
  • Immediately ready to drive
  • Restored

Model history

The 1948 Oldsmobile 98 was one of the first General Motors models to be fitted with a pontoon body. Equipped with a 4.2-liter inline eight-cylinder engine that produced 117 horsepower, it was known for its reliability and solid performance. The Model 98, first introduced in 1940, was Oldsmobile's top-of-the-range model and offered luxurious appointments and generous dimensions. In 1948, the vehicle was characterized by a striking design with flowing lines and a spacious interior. It was available as a saloon, coupé and convertible. The combination of elegant style and technical reliability made the Oldsmobile 98 a sought-after vehicle of its time.

The facts

Exterior & interior:

  • Exterior color: Bordeaux Metallic
  • Interior with gray fabric upholstery
  • Repainted hood

Engine and transmission:

  • 4.2-liter inline eight-cylinder engine with 117 hp
  • Manual transmission
  • Last engine service in 2023


  • 86,000 mi (read off)
  • The mileage can be partially traced


  • (German) vehicle documents, TÜV and service reports

Tires, brakes, body & underbody:

  • Tires: 50-70 %
  • Brakes: 50-70 %
  • The underbody is unwelded and shows light rust film
  • Please take a look at the photo gallery and videos to gain further insight into the condition of the vehicle

Known defects

  • Sun visor slightly dented
  • Please take a look at the photo gallery and videos for further insights into the condition of the vehicle

Summary of the vehicle

For sale is a beautifully restored Oldsmobile 98 from 1948, which is ready for the road with TÜV, H license plate and German registration. This classic vehicle impresses with its very well-kept condition and attracts everyone's attention with its elegant, streamlined design. The interior has been lovingly maintained and offers luxurious comfort. The Oldsmobile 98 is also technically up to date thanks to its extensive restoration. Experience the charm and elegance of the late 1940s in a real eye-catcher that perfectly combines history and style.

Vehicle videos

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Verkaufsbedingungen Stand: (19.12.2022)

Kickdown check

  • Kickdown photographer was on site
  • Video of the vehicle available
  • Main inspection
  • Current service performed
  • Low milage

The description of this auction has been made to the best of the seller's knowledge. The condition of this vehicle is based on the opinion of the seller and may differ from your own opinion. The description and photos are for reference. Kickdown does not guarantee the accuracy of the listing and recommends a viewing. The seller decides whether a viewing can be made. Bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and make all necessary inquiries before placing a bid. For this purpose, please use the comments and questions section for additional information. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Comments of this past auction

    About the seller

    Member since:
    DE-88459 Tannheim
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    19.000 €
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