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Morgan Plus-8 (1997)

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Morgan Plus 8 Midnight Blue tarpaulin very good condition traceable history (1997)
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Manual Transmission19042.300 Km
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DE🇩🇪 50829 KölnMidnight Blue

Vehicle description

Model history:

Since 1936, Morgan has been building visually almost unchanged models with different engine options. In 1968, the Rover V8 moved in under the hood: Out came the Morgan Plus 8, which initially produced 160 hp and later brought it up to 220 hp. With a Morgan every curve wants to be mastered, every incorrectly fitted manhole cover is a reason for a complaint to the road construction authority. The Morgan not only looks like one, it also drives like a sports car from the 1930s. But exactly this driving feeling provides for the fact that a Morgan is popular until today, no miracle thus that one can order also until today a Morgan with the characteristic silhouette again, even if already contemporary technology found its way into the car.

General to the vehicle:

Here now a Morgan plus 8 from the year of manufacture 1997 comes to the auction, which was delivered with the FIN SA9P8400004R11718 and has until today altogether 3 owners. The first owner owned the car until 2007, before he passed it on to the second owner, who drove the Plus 8 until 2022, before he sold it to the third and last owner. The so-called Matching Numbers are given and a partially kept checkbook to the Morgan is available - thus also the total mileage of the vehicle can be approximately reconstructed.


car was deregistered in August 2022, the MOT is still valid until March 2024.

Exterior color/paint/bodywork:

This Morgan Plus 8 is painted in "Midnight Blue", the current owner of the British roadster can exclude the possibility of a repaint or an accident. In 2022 the windshield of the Morgan was renewed. All chrome elements are preserved in complete condition on the car and modifications deviating from the original state are apparently not to be detected. A successful color combination at the exterior results beside the dark blue varnish the beige hood, which is in very good preservation condition and to which also a tarpaulin as well as a tarpaulin and the side windows are present. Further worth mentioning is a mounted stainless steel luggage bridge at the rear of the Morgan.

Exterior Rims/Brakes/Chassis:

In good condition silver rims provide the further appearance of this Morgan Plus 8. In 2022 both axles were measured and adjusted, furthermore the tires of the car were renewed. The seller gives a condition estimate of 70-90% in the area of the brakes.


Matching the beige soft top, the interior of the 1997 Morgan also presents itself in beige color: Leather seats provide a noble ambience, and a velour carpet underscores this appearance. If one's gaze wanders over the dashboard, the chic walnut dashboard can be seen at the same time. It should be mentioned that, according to the seller, the seats are offset to the rear to provide sufficient space. Equipment-wise, the most important elements are preserved in a Morgan - no more, no less. All instruments, controls and gauges in the interior of the British roadster are fully functional. For an exact overview of the interior, we refer to the other photos.


42,300 kilometers of mileage can be read on the speedometer of this Morgan Plus 8 - after consultation with the current owner, the total mileage of the car can be proven, among other things, by the partially kept checkbook.


From 4.0-liter displacement, the V8 engine of this Morgan Plus 8 generates a whopping 190 horsepower, which is transmitted to the rear wheels via a manual transmission. In 2022, a major overhaul of the vehicle took place, which included an inspection with all oils and the engine, oil pan and rear bearing caps sealed. In addition the following was renewed: All gasoline hoses in the engine compartment, tank filler hose, steering collar and end cap steering, wiper blades, 4 Silentgummi exhaust system, V-ribbed belt as well as the relay of the injection system.


according to salesman data the underbody of the Morgan Plus 8 is rust-free. A Morgan is not a normal car, it is a product of classic craftsmanship - from the body frame made of seasoned ash wood, to the hand-soldered tanks, to the individual eye-cut sheet metal dress. The seller also mentions that the Morgan on offer here is in perfect condition, both technically and in terms of bodywork, and is only waiting for a new owner who will drive it regularly in fair weather again.

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