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BMW F87 M2 Competition Coupe (2019)

BMW F87 M2 Competition Coupe from 2nd hand complete checkbook carbon package Harman Kardon VAT showable (2019)
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38.500 €
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Manufacturer Model Year
BMWF87 M2 Competition Coupe2019
Automatic411150.000 km
Country VersionLocation Color
DE🇩🇪 58313 HerdeckeBlack

Vehicle description

Model history:

As a compact high-performance sports car, the BMW M M2 Competition was launched in 2018. The initial registration of this impressive vehicle marks the beginning of a new era for BMW. With a new engine and an exciting design, the M2 Competition has a special position in the automotive industry. In total, about 2,500 copies of the M2 Competition were produced.

General information about the vehicle:

The following BMW M M2 Competition from 2019 with the chassis number WBS2U710507D46407 impresses with its flawless history: with only two holders, matching numbers and a complete checkbook, the vehicle is accident-free and has TÜV until 12/2024. According to information, the car is roadworthy, but not registered.

Exterior colour/varnish/body:

In its elegant black colour, this BMW is absolutely convincing on the outside. In addition, the car has the carbon package. According to the owner, no repainting was necessary. However, there are a few small rockfalls. Overall, the exterior, as can be seen in the pictures, makes a neat impression.

Exterior rims/brakes/chassis:

The BMW M M2 Competition is equipped with the original rims and tyres in good condition, with the tyres estimated to be in 50-70% condition. Currently, the car is on winter tires. The brakes are in a similar condition, which is also estimated at 50 to 70%.


The interior of the BMW M M2 Competition is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Equipped with matching elegant leather and illuminated all-electric M Sport seats, the interior is a real eye-catcher. The car also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technology – it has a Navi Professional, Harman Kardon sound system and a reversing camera. The heated seats provide additional comfort while driving.


A total of 151,400 km were driven with the BMW. This value is comprehensible due to the complete checkbook. According to the owner, all instruments work perfectly.


This elegant vehicle is powered by a 2979 cc S55 engine with an impressive power of 411 hp. Combined with an automatic transmission, driving pleasure is inevitable. The last service was carried out in July 2022 and there are no defects or damage to the engine or technology.


The vehicle is in apparently good condition and has no defects or damage to the technology. The underbody is unwelded and no necessary repairs are known.

Who is this car for?

This elegant BMW M M2 Competition with a first registration of 2019 has 151400 km, a complete checkbook, is accident-free and has no external or technical damage. Also the equipment leaves nothing to be desired. Overall, this car is an absolute highlight for every car fan, or someone who is looking for a well-kept sports car.

Vehicle videos

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Verkaufsbedingungen Stand: (19.12.2022)

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Comments of this past auction

    29.03.2023 19:49 (about 1 year)

    Wir gehen in die letzten minuten bei diesem M2 Competition. Der Preis konnte im Sinne aller Bieter noch einmal verhandelt werden, so dass der Mindestpreis nicht mehr weit entfernt ist. Wir wünschen nach wie vor viel Erfolg beim Bieten und viel Spaß! English: We are entering the final minutes for this M2 Competition. The price could be negotiated again in the sense of all bidders, so that the minimum price is no longer far away. We still wish much success in bidding and have fun!

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