BMW E34 M5 Sedan only 90.000Km Manual transmission German first delivery (1990)

BMW E34 M5 Sedan only 90.000Km Manual transmission German first delivery (1990)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Manual Transmission31589.569 km
Country VersionLocation Color
DE🇩🇪 49377 VechtaMacao Blue

Vehicle description

Model history:

If the performance of the normal engine range of the BMW 5 Series of the E34 generation was not enough, BMW offered the high-performance version M5 from 1988. Externally, it could only be distinguished from the standard models with a connoisseur's eye, but had the initially 3.6-liter, later 3.8-liter 24-valve in-line six-cylinder. With 315 and 340 hp respectively, this M5 generation was the top offering in this market niche until the mid-1990s. By the end of production in 1995, almost 12,000 units of the M5 E34 had been built.

General information about the vehicle:

Now a BMW M5 of the E34 series can be bought in this auction, which dates from 1990 and is a German first delivery. According to the seller, the car was then sold to Japan, from where it was re-imported back to Germany in 2017. The so-called matching numbers are available and a history of the car is available. Also worth mentioning are an H-approval and a new HU for this M5.

Exterior colour/varnish/body:

"Macao blue" is the name of the paint color of this BMW M5 Sedan - according to the seller, the paint condition is classified as extremely good in view of the now over 30 years of vehicle age and traces of time are hardly visible. In addition, all add-on parts and trim elements on the sedan are in complete and well-preserved condition. Modifications to the body deviating from the original condition can not be enumerated and the accident-free nature of the car is confirmed by the current owner.

Exterior rims/brakes/chassis:

Further visual appearance is ensured by the BBS rims, on which Hankook brand tyres with sufficient tread are mounted. In terms of brakes, no inconsistencies can be found and in the area of the chassis a KW V3 was used, which lowers the M5 by 20 millimeters. The factory chassis is available after consultation with the seller and can be reinstalled on request, as well as the original rims.


The very well-preserved interior of this BMW M5 exudes pure nostalgia in the 90s: damage or even missing parts in the interior - which is equipped with black sports leather seats - are not visible. This BMW E34 M5 Sedan has the sporty 4-seat system, as further features are to be listed: Electric windows front and rear, seat heating, on-board computer, automatic climate control, sunroof, large music system and an original BMW cassette radio. In order to get a detailed impression of the condition and the other equipment features in the interior, the meaningful series of pictures is available.


In the instrumentation, the fine M5 difference compared to the "normal" E34 is made up of the red hands and the oil thermometer in the rev counter. 89,570 kilometers can be read on the display under the speedometer: This mileage can be proven according to the seller.


From 3.6-liter displacement, the in-line six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine of this M5 E34 generates a whopping 315 hp. This power is brought to the road via the 5-speed gearbox via the rear wheels.


According to the mileage, the underside of the sports sedan can also be described as good. With the first M5 of the E28 generation, BMW virtually invented the business sports sedan segment - the successor to the E34 once again set standards with its cultivated dynamics. A discreet colour combination, the rich equipment and, of course, the rev-hungry in-line six-cylinder engine ensure pure driving pleasure in this M5 E34.

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    • mweil-avatarmweil27.01.2023 09:29 (13 days)

      Können sie Dokumente aus den Japanischen Vorbesitz bzw. der Erstauslieferung hochladen? Mit den aktuellen Fotos ist die Historie nur bis 2016 nachvollziehbar. Danke

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