BMW Z4M Coupé Carbon manual transmission complete checkbook 343 hp (2006)

BMW Z4M Coupé Carbon manual transmission complete checkbook 343 hp (2006)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Manual Transmission343137.783 Km
Country VersionLocation Color
DE🇩🇪 82008 Unterhaching Grey

Vehicle description

Model history:

In 2006, BMW introduced the Z4 Coupé E86. A design study had already been shown the previous year. The coupe was offered with only two engines: a 3.0si engine and as a Z4 M Coupé with 3.2-liter displacement and 343 hp at 7,900 rpm. Visually, the Z4 M stood out with other aprons, a more contoured hood and an exhaust system with four tailpipes. The 100 km/h from standstill can be reached in 5 seconds and the torque of the Z4 M Coupé is 365 Newton meters. By the end of production in 2008, only just under 4,600 units of the BMW Z4 M Coupé had been built.

General information about the vehicle:

In this auction a BMW Z4 M Coupé of the E86 series from the year 2006 can be auctioned, which comes from German first delivery and carries the VIN WDBSDU91060LK43537. After consultation with the seller, he states that 4 owners are known to the BMW and the sports car has its matching numbers. The history of the vehicle can be documented via a complete checkbook, the last completed main inspection is valid until April 2024.

Exterior colour/varnish/body:

With its steep, compact rear end and the accentuated kink of the rear side window, the Z4 Coupé generally looks squat and performance-oriented - the Z4 M Coupé goes one better with the add-on parts, among other things. In addition, this gray BMW has a black foiled roof, a rear spoiler made of carbon, an M-Performance foil on the side skirts and a spoiler sword (which has slight damage). On the left rear, the car has already been repainted according to the seller, an accident in the current possession can be excluded.

Exterior rims/brakes/chassis:

On original BMW multi-spoke rims in black, new tires are mounted, the condition of the brake system indicates the seller between 70-90% of their new condition and in the area of the chassis, according to him, no inconsistencies can be listed.


The interior of this BMW Z4 M Coupé is classic black with leather seats: According to the seller, damage or even missing parts are not objectionable in the interior of the car, only slight traces of use can be seen. In addition to seat heating, air conditioning and ABS, there is also a radio on board the BMW. All displays, instruments and controls are in service without any problems. In order to get a detailed overview of the interior, its condition and the various equipment features, we refer to the telling series of pictures of this Z4 M Coupé.


137,740 kilometers can be read from the speedometer - according to the seller, the total mileage of this coupé can be proven beyond doubt via a complete checkbook.


The 3.2-litre six-cylinder in-line engine of this Z4 M delivers 343 hp. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels by means of a 6-speed manual transmission. In April 2022, the car underwent a final service. Let the seller do some work on the vehicle. In May 2021: New connecting rod bearing shells, oil coolness and overhaul of the oil pump. In April 2022, a large customer service was carried out. The following work was carried out: new spark plugs, oil change differential (HA), oil change manual transmission, renewal of studs and rear shock absorbers:


Light flash rust and light surface rust are mentioned by the seller with regard to the underbody condition of this BMW. This Z4 M Coupé offered here impresses with its complete service history, the discreet sporty optimisations on the exterior and, of course, the high-revving 3.2-litre six-cylinder in-line engine. If you are looking for an M model with an independent silhouette that stands out from other sports cars, you will find your vehicle in this Z4 M Coupé.

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    Comments of this past auction

    • stephane.maraquin-avatarstephane.maraquin08.12.2022 18:05 (about 2 months)

      Hallo, Ich habe ein paar weitere Frage. Haben Sie weitere Kopie von Rechnungen? Ist das Auto in Ordnung unter die M-Performance Folie an den Seitenschwellern und am Dach? Was fur Reifen sind montiert? Welche Modele von BMW Original Felgen sind montiert? Konnen Sie Alufelgen OEM Nummer photographieren (in der Mitte)?

      • tbontb-avatartbontbSeller08.12.2022 19:49 (about 2 months)

        Hallo, zu Ihren Fragen: 1.) ja ich habe weitere Rechnungen, die die Jahre 2016 - 2020 betreffen. Das würde aber den Rahmen hier sprengen. 2.) Die genannten Folien hat der Vorbesitzer rein zur Verbesserung der äußeren Optik angebracht und nicht um etwas zu kaschieren . Ich habe vorher/nachher Bilder gesehen. 3.) es sind die Reifen Austone SP701 aufgezogen (225/35/R19 und 255/30/R19 und eingetragen 4.) die BMW E46 M3 CSL-Felgen sind montiert und eingetragen (Photo folgt)

        • stephane.maraquin-avatarstephane.maraquin08.12.2022 23:18 (about 2 months)

          Danke schon, so die Felgen sind BMW OEM Felgen?

          • tbontb-avatartbontbSeller08.12.2022 19:59 (about 2 months)

            Serienbereifung: 225/45 R18 und 255/40/R18

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          05.12.2022 00:00
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