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Saab 95 V4 Kombi Frame-Off restored engine revised towbar original board folder very good condition (1973)

Saab 95 V4 Kombi Frame-Off restored engine revised towbar original board folder very good condition (1973)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Manual Transmission6577.705 km
Country VersionLocation Color
SE🇩🇪 44866 Bochum Petrol blue

Vehicle description

Model history:

The Saab 95 V4 is a compact station wagon produced by the Swedish automobile manufacturer Saab from 1959 to 1978. It was the second model the company produced, after the Saab 92. The 95 V4 was distinguished by its unique design, which included a spacious interior, a large tailgate and a two-stroke engine. It was also equipped with a number of advanced safety features, such as a safety cage and seat belts, which put it ahead of its time in terms of safety. Despite its innovative design, the 95 V4 was not a commercial success and was eventually discontinued in 1978.

General information about the vehicle:

This Saab 95 V4 1973 is a beautifully restored classic car that was first delivered in Sweden and later imported to Germany. The car with the FIN 95732002050 has only had three previous owners to date. The car comes with a valid TÜV up to 8/23 and an H license plate. A complete on-board folder and the original brochure is available and also the original Swedish license plates


The exterior of the Saab is painted in petrol blue The car was repainted in the course of the frame-off restoration and is in good condition. The body is rustproof and in excellent condition, with no visible damage or defects. According to the seller, the horizontal headlight washer system also works without problems.The car is equipped with a rare original trailer coupling. The condition of the brakes and tires is described by the seller with about 70-90% of the original condition.


The interior of the car consists of comfortable brown fabric seats, which are in good condition and have only a small hole (about 5 mm in diameter) in the driver's seat. The car is equipped with a radio for added comfort and entertainment. Special on the Saab is also the third row of seats that can be folded down for maximum storage space.


The Volvo is powered by a 65 hp engine coupled to a manual transmission. The engine was recently, in 2010, completely overhauled and is ready to drive. The read mileage of the car is 68,000 km. The mileage can be partially traced by a not complete checkbook.


In summary, the 1973 Saab 95 V4 to be auctioned is a beautifully restored classic car ready to be used by its next owner. The Saab was also presented two years ago in the Advent calendar of the Classic Remise (video attached). The low mileage, the striking blue exterior and the comfortable brown interior make it a real time capsule. The car also comes with a complete onboard folder and the original brochure, as well as the original Swedish license plates and a rare original towbar.

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    Time remaining:1 day
    Highest bid:12.111,00 €

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