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Maserati 4200 GT Coupe rare manual gearbox current maintenance history (2002)

Maserati 4200 GT Coupe rare manual gearbox current maintenance history (2002)
Auction ended
Auction end
20.000 €
Highest bid
Manufacturer Model Year
Maserati4200 GT Coupé2002
Manual391132.400 km
Country VersionLocation Color
DE5301 EugendorfBlack

Vehicle description

Model history:

In 2001, Maserati launched the 4200 GT, popularly known as the Coupé GT or Spyder GT, as the successor to the 3200 GT. A short time later, Maserati also presented the sports version called "GranSport". A newly developed 4.2-liter V8 engine from Ferrari was used in the 4200 GT model, delivering 451 Newton meters at 4,500 rpm and - in the case of the Coupé - helping it to reach a top speed of 285 km/h. The GranSport version was launched in mid-2007.

In the

middle of the year 2007 the production of the Maserati Coupé was finally stopped after altogether nearly 13,500 produced copies.

General to the vehicle:

With the Maserati Coupé released in this auction for the auction it concerns a 4200 GT from first registration 2002, which was registered in Germany for the first time to traffic and according to salesman data altogether five owners has. Due to a partially kept checkbook as well as various available invoices, the mileage of this coupe can be traced - moreover, the matching numbers are assumed. An Austrian inspection is still valid until March 2024, according to the current keeper of the Maserati.

Exterior Color/Paint/Body:

The paint of the 4200 GT is kept in black, which in this case has already been repainted in the area of the rear after consultation with the seller. Apart from that, the Gran Turismo is said to still have its first paint job and accordingly smaller traces of use - corresponding to the age of this vehicle of meanwhile more than 20 years - can be seen. However, the current owner of this Maserati is not aware of any rough signs of wear or even missing parts and no profound modifications to the bodywork can be seen. In addition, the seller mentions that an accident-free condition can be confirmed and that a ceramic sealant was applied last fall.

Exterior Rims/Brakes/Chassis:

Tires are Sailun brand, original 7-spoke alloy wheels provide the enhanced visual appearance of the GT. Just like the condition of the tires, the seller states the condition of the brakes: Approximately 70-90% of their new condition. The current owner is not aware of any inconsistencies in the suspension.


The interior of the Maserati 4200 GT is dressed in fine leather from Poltrona Frau - a combination of beige and black can be seen in the interior


According to the seller, there are no traces of use that could tarnish the good overall condition of the car or even missing parts in the interior of the Gran Turismo. In addition to power steering, power windows as well as heated seats, the current owner of the coupe also counts air conditioning, ABS, cruise control and an original radio among the equipment elements. From time to time there are problems with the secondary air - but according to the seller, this should not be a major repair after consulting a specialist workshop. The seller also lets mention that the driver's seat was reconditioned last fall. For more details please have a look at the other photos and videos.


A bit playful but still with a sporty appearance, the instruments of the Maserati show - at the speedometer a mileage of 132,400 kilometers can be read. Proof of this mileage can be found in the partially kept checkbook.


The 4200 GT's power comes from a Ferrari V8 with a displacement of 4.2 liters and 390 hp. The power of the 8 cylinders is transmitted to the rear wheels via a manual 6-speed gearbox, which sits on the rear axle in transaxle design. Since the current owner has had this Maserati (just under 5 years), all services as well as repairs have always been carried out by a Maserati specialist workshop - the last service work was carried out in March 2023.


The seller certifies only slight rust film on the underbody of this 4200 GT - welding work has not yet been carried out, but preservation for long-lasting protection of the underside has already been carried out. A Maserati 4200 GT is both sporty and luxurious - the beautiful body (designed by Giorgio Giugiaro) does the rest. A generally beautifully preserved as well as maintained condition, the regular services of the last years, the very rare manual gearbox version (not to be confused with the almost 5 times more frequently used, automated manual gearbox "Cambiocorsa"), and a classically coordinated color combination of interior and exterior particularly distinguish this Maserati 4200 GT offered here.

Vehicle videos

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