Lancia Flaminia GT 3C 2.5 Coupe Superleggera Touring (1968)

Lancia Flaminia GT 3C 2.5 Coupe Superleggera Touring (1968)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Manual Transmission140148.108 km
Country VersionLocation Color
DE🇩🇪 80939 MünchenSilver Metallic

Vehicle description

Since its foundation in 1906, Lancia has been famous for its numerous innovations and the fascinating design of its vehicles. Economic difficulties in the mid-1950s led to a restructuring of the Turin-based car manufacturer under Carlo Pesenti, who developed the Lancia Florida in collaboration with the world-famous design forge Pininfarina. The model study was considered groundbreaking in automotive engineering and served as the basis for the Lancia Flaminia, which renewed Lancia's worldwide reputation as an upper-class model and was built between 1957 and 1970.

In this auction you can bid on a silver Lancia Flaminia GT 3C 2.5 Superleggera from 1968. The car is based on the Flaminia GT and has been further developed by Carozzeria Touring into this elegant luxury coupé. The vehicle exists only in very small quantities, the great state of preservation makes the offered Lancia therefore a real jewel. The sporty Superleggera was exported to the Netherlands and completed its maiden voyage in November 1968, since then the stylistically perfect car has been owned by at least three other owners. Little is known about the exact history since the first registration. What is certain is that the Lancia has been in the vicinity of Arnhem and Breda since the mid-1990s and was sold to Germany in 2016. During this period, the vehicle underwent several service checks, and expert opinions on the condition of the Lancia Flaminia GT were also prepared. The identification number of the vehicle is L824103396IGM24280M and the engine number has been identified with 823.10*13520, whether all requirements of a matching are fully met, the seller can not prove with certainty. In current ownership, the vehicle is accident-free and certified for the use of H license plates. The fully functional and registered coupé will be handed over to the new owner with a key set and current TÜV badge.


The manufacturer's colour is given as grey in the report, but due to the new paint finish in the same shade, it actually looks silver-coloured. Apart from the new colour scheme, no modifications have been made to the vehicle, dents, dents or corrosion infestation are also not noticeable on the Superleggera Coupé.


On the car are mounted steel rims from Lancia with original hubcaps. Like Michelin wheels, they are in good condition, and the brakes are intact without restrictions. On the rims minor signs of use are recognizable, on the chassis according to the seller's information no modifications were made and no defects could be detected.


Luxurious red leather armchairs are installed inside the vehicle, replacing the original interior. Likewise, the cover of the inside of the door has been renewed, while the footwell, like the sky, has been left in its original condition and presents itself according to its age with some traces of use. The cockpit is also original and in good condition, striking is the elegant precious wood steering wheel and the partly silver-colored veneered fittings. The displays are designed in elegant black, in addition to the eye-catching glove compartment and a radio matching the interior, there are no explicitly noteworthy equipment components.


There is no damage indoors, as well as all instruments work without restriction. The mileage can currently only be determined on the speedometer, whether the mileage of about 50,000 kilometers corresponds to reality can be understood relatively well on the basis of service protocols.


The offered Lancia Flaminia has a curb weight of 1,353 kilograms and is powered by a 2.5 liter V6 engine. The 130 hp machine accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 12.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 180km/h. A manual transmission is installed, which, like all the technology on the vehicle, works without restrictions. There are also no defects on the underbody of the vehicle, but for safety a final service check is carried out before the vehicle is sold.


Various documents and documents are available at this Lancia and can be viewed in the gallery. Here you buy a car with a great history in great condition!


In recent years, the luxurious coupé has been regularly serviced and maintained by good care, so that no repairs should be necessary at the moment. The upcoming inspection should provide certainty as to whether and, if so, which minor defects need to be remedied. The offered Lancia Flaminia GT Superleggera is a real highlight in Italian automotive engineering. The best designers of their time were involved in the development of the timelessly beautiful coupé with its chrome-plated bumpers, curved lines and characteristic taillights. Created from designs by luminaries such as "Pinin" Farina and "CiCi" Anderloni, this car is a real collector's item that will bring great admiration to the future owner because of the rarity of this model.

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The description of this auction and the Kickdown Check are accurate to the best of the seller's knowledge and not misleading. Kickdown asks all sellers to provide all details about the vehicle and performs a certain level of verification. However, bidders must inform themselves about the accuracy of the description and make all necessary inquiries before placing a bid. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Comments of this past auction

  • KICKDOWN-avatarKICKDOWN27.07.2022 18:45 (6 months)

    Wir gehen in die letzte Stunde und freuen uns, dass schon jetzt viele Interessierte an dieser Auktion teilnehmen.

    • info11596-avatarinfo1159626.07.2022 14:14 (6 months)

      Könnten Sie bitte die Antwort auf die Fragen von "bardo" öffentlich machen?

      • MKay-avatarMKaySeller26.07.2022 15:10 (6 months)

        Hallo, welche Antworten sehen Sie nicht?

        • bardo-avatarbardo26.07.2022 14:37 (6 months)

          Ich habe noch keine Antwort, bin aber gespannt. Gruß aus Singapur auf dem Weg nach Sydney. Ich bin pünktlich zur Abholung retour👍

          • aLeis-avataraLeis26.07.2022 15:06 (6 months)

            Sicher nicht für 22.500,-€ 😀

        • bardo-avatarbardo26.07.2022 12:28 (6 months)

          Ab 1963 wurde dieses Coupé mit 2,8 Liter Hubraum und 140 Ps verkauft. Sie schreiben Baujahr 1968 und 2,5 Liter Hubraum. Dieser Motor hatte 128 PS. In ihrem Text sagen sie einmal 140 PS ( das wäre die 2,8 Liter Maschine) und einmal 130 PS ( das kommt dem 2,5 er mit 128 PS nahe) können sie das für mich klären, bevor ich biete?

          • MKay-avatarMKaySeller26.07.2022 15:01 (6 months)

            Wir sind uns nicht ganz sicher, wann das Auto gebaut worden ist. Erstzulassung war 1968. Auf der Haube ist ein 3C Abzeichen. Ich habe verstanden, dass der 3C-Version (2 Serie) ausgestattet war mit ein 3.5 l Motor und 103 kw. Drei Doppelvergasern können wir bestätigen.

            • bardo-avatarbardo26.07.2022 15:35 (6 months)

              Sie meinen 2,5 Liter und nicht 3,5 Liter?

          • bardo-avatarbardo25.07.2022 18:52 (6 months)

            Verstehe es nicht ganz: ob der Tachostand von 50000 km der Realität entspricht, kann aufgrund der Fahrzeugpapiere relativ gut nachvollzogen werden“ also nicht?, oder warum schreiben sie oben 148.000 km? Ein tolles Fahrzeug!

            • MKay-avatarMKaySeller26.07.2022 12:12 (6 months)

              Guten Tag, der erste dokumentierte KM Stand ist 26.865 am 26.03.1997. Ab 1997 ist der Stand nachvollziehbar und gut dokumentiert. Das würde heißen das in 29 Jahren nur 26.865 gefahren worden sind. Zudem haben wir Fotos mit Entwicklungsdatum von 1981 (hinten aufgedruckt). Hier ist das Auto vor Restauration abgelichtet und in einem Zustand der einen so niedrigen KM Stand unwahrscheinlich macht. Das Baujahr ist unserer Meinung nach auch nicht korrekt. Hier ist glauben wir ein Eintragungsfehler passiert und in darauffolgenden Gutachten und Zulassungen/Ummeldungen übernommen worden ist. Ein Kaufvertrag von 1968 existiert und es scheint, als würde die EZ mit dem Baujahr gleich gestellt. Möglicherweise war das ein Lager/Ausstellungsfahrzeug. Viele Grüße Michael Kay

              • Carl.Brock_Kickdown-avatarCarl.Brock_Kickdown26.07.2022 10:41 (6 months)

                Wir stehen diesbezüglich in Rücksprache mit dem Verkäufer. Liebe Grüße -Carl Brock von Kickdown-

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