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Fiat 500 F complete restoration 650cc engine folding roof H-approval freshly serviced (1967)

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Fiat 500 F complete restoration 650cc engine folding roof H-approval freshly serviced (1967)
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5.800 €
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Fiat500 F1967
Manual2381,660 Km
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ITDE- 14959 Brandenburg - Trebbingreen

Vehicle description

Model history:

The type designation 500 already adorned the post-war small car Topolino. The model that is now commonly referred to as the Fiat 500 is the successor to the Topolino. It first appeared in 1957 and bore the additional designation "Nuova". It was a minimal car that nevertheless advanced mass motorization in post-war Italy. The modest driving performance and the manageable space available predestined the Fiat for inner-city traffic. In the production time of 1957 to 1977 altogether (the station wagon "Giardinierea" as well as some special models with included) over 3.7 million Fiat 500 Nuova were created.

General to the vehicle:

With the Fiat 500 F released in this auction for the auction it concerns a vehicle from first registration 1967, which carries the chassis number 148319 and according to data of the salesman 5 owners is to exhibit. Due to the missing checkbook, the history of the Fiat 500 Nuova imported from Italy can no longer be traced exactly. The small Italian is already in possession of an H-registration, a valid TÜV still runs until May 2025. The seller lets mention that the car was subjected to a complete - professional as well as extensive - restoration and the Fiat has a German registration with oldtimer acceptance.

It is

also worth mentioning that the original Italian papers are still available, but are currently still at the registration office for safekeeping.

Exterior color/paint/bodywork:

In terms of bodywork, this Fiat 500 F received an overhaul by a master bodybuilder, who partially welded new sheet metal parts and then a complete paint job in green color took place at a specialist store. All body parts are apparently in good condition and according to the seller there are no major defects on the exterior. All chrome elements on the car obviously still shine as they should, an accident-free condition in the current ownership is confirmed to us by the seller. The seller mentions that the bumpers and lights (headlights, taillights and turn signals) were replaced with new parts. For a closer look at the condition of the body, the paintwork as well as all add-on parts, we refer to the meaningful picture gallery for this Fiat 500 Nuova.

Exterior Rims/Brakes/Suspension:

Black Fiat steel rims together with new Nankang tires adorn the look of this Fiat 500 F. As part of the restoration work, the brakes were repaired and the suspension was also overhauled - in addition to new shock absorbers, new suspension rubbers were also used.


Black leatherette seats welcome one to the interior of this Fiat 500 F: The interior has been refurbished and reupholstered, according to the current owner. After consultation with the seller, the interior of the small Italian - equipped to the bare essentials - shows no gross damage or even missing parts. A highlight is the black folding roof, which can be opened and closed without any problems. Everything in the interior goes about its business without further ado. For more details regarding the interior, please have a look at the other photos and videos of the vehicle.


On the only round instrument that presents itself in the interior of this Fiat 500 F, a five-digit mileage of 81,660 kilometers can be seen. According to the seller, there is no proof of the mileage, so the mileage is considered to be read off.


A 650cc engine from a Fiat 126 shows up installed in this Fiat 500: The engine produces 23 hp and is coupled to partially synchronized 4-speed manual transmission (1st gear unsynchronized). The engine and transmission were also overhauled during the restoration work and last serviced in March 2023 - this included changing the oil, plugs, air filter and ignition.


is also worth mentioning that the steering has been overhauled.


According to the seller, the underbody is largely rust-free, preserved and sealed with cavities. In addition to the cute appearance of this small car, the green paint color in particular causes a stir in today's road traffic. Due to the recent restoration work, during which this Fiat 500 was extensively repaired, it impresses with its extremely good condition without inconsistencies. The engine installed from a Fiat 126 provides in this 500 Nuova for brisker progress in road traffic - in addition, the seller mentions that this conversion measure was accepted H-compliant.

Vehicle videos

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