Dodge Charger 383 cui power steering 294 hp (1968)

Dodge Charger 383 cui power steering 294 hp (1968)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Automatic29492.260 mi
Country VersionLocation Color
US🇩🇪 86150 Augbsurgred

Vehicle description

In the USA, a Dodge Charger was called an MPV ("multi purpose vehicle") – i.e. a multi-purpose vehicle. However, this did not mean a car for different uses, but rather a car that ultimately served only one purpose: use in motorsport. For example, "multi" referred to participation in various types of competitions for which a Dodge Charger could be prepared. So for circuit or dragster races, but also for the road. Under the hood of the Charger, of course, works a V8 engine with plenty of displacement. The 2nd generation of the Dodge Charger – which was produced from 1968 to 1970 – was the last generation to carry the characteristic headlights hidden in the grille.

Now a Dodge Charger of the 2nd generation from the year of construction 1968 can be purchased in this auction, which was first registered in July of the same year in the USA. Over the years, the Charger with the chassis number XP29G8B452572 then came from Arizona to Germany, how many previous owners the car has is not known to the seller. 2 vehicle keys are still available, a history cannot be submitted, so the current owner does not know whether the Dodge has matching numbers. According to information from the seller, this Dodge Charger was part of a collection and was never registered, but always driven with red numbers. TÜV or H-approval are currently not available.


This 68 Dodge Charger has already been repainted in the USA, according to the seller's information, the paint shines beautifully – but according to German standards, the repainting has not been carried out and accordingly small paint inclusions can be found. Due to the fact that this vehicle ran for a long time in the desert state of Arizona, the body of the Charger presents itself in rust-free condition. All chrome parts on the car still shine as they should and the bumpers show no parking bumps. In its current possession, the Dodge ran accident-free. As an external feature, the "Bumblebee" stripes at the rear of the car are to be mentioned.


In addition to the extroverted paint color, the "Cragar" steel rims, which are in good condition, ensure the visual appearance. Mounted on the rims, BFGoodrich tyres are also in good condition according to the seller. In terms of braking, there are obviously no deficits to be noted and in the area of the chassis there are apparently no modifications to be detected.


Given the vehicle age of now over 50 years, the interior of this Dodge Charger can be attributed a well-preserved condition. Faux leather seats, door panels, dashboard, headliner and footwell carpet present themselves in neat condition. The driver uses a 3-spoke steering wheel, which is not particularly worn. The power steering ensures that this large coupé is easy to direct. In addition to the power steering, there is also a Kenwood accessory radio with Kenwood sound system and a brake booster on board the Charger.


92,260 miles can be read from the speedometer in the Dodge – converted this would correspond to a mileage of just under 148,480. The actual total mileage of the charger cannot be proven, but the mileage seems credible due to the overall condition of the car. All instruments in the interior work without any problems.


According to the previous owner, a 6.3-liter (383 cui) displacement has the V8 engine in the bow of the Dodge Charger. Almost 294 hp are available, which are transmitted to the rear wheels via 3-speed automatic transmission. In 2020, a final service was carried out in the spring of this year, the engine received a new Edelbrock carburetor and the ignition lock was renewed as well as various pressure hoses on the power steering. Other parts that were new are: support joints, lower wishbones, deflection levers, brake caliper, brake hoses, fuel pump, water pump, alternator, start relay. As the only defect in the technology, the seller indicates the function of the right headlight flap, which does not open automatically. Otherwise, the current holder is not aware of any defects.

Very good in terms of condition is the underside of the Dodge Charger, which also recognizes the Mopar double-pipe exhaust system, which provides the typical tinny V8 sound. Among other things, the legendary chase scene in the cult film "Bullit" with Steve McQueen achieved the model Charger from Dodge cult status. The specimen offered here convinces equally by its rust-free state of preservation as by the typical 60s color combination with which you definitely attract attention on the road.

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