Volkswagen Beetle 1303 Cabriolet good condition with 44 hp and original radio (1976)

Volkswagen Beetle 1303 Cabriolet good condition with 44 hp and original radio (1976)


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Manufacturer Model Year
VolkswagenKäfer 13031976
Manual Transmission4469.263 Km
Country VersionLocation Color
JP🇩🇪 40233 DüsseldorfSilver

Vehicle description

Model history:

The 02- and -03 models of the Beetle were conceived by Volkswagen to catapult it into the modern era of the 70s and upgrade it with technical and optical refinements: More wheelbase, contemporary front and rear axle designs, panoramic windshield and a more powerful engine made the "Neo-Beetles" the technically best of their kind. The Beetle convertible enjoys a cult status of a special kind. It is not only the old models that have a very special charisma, the 03 models built until 1980 also exert a special attraction. Technically, the open models did not differ from the closed ones, but compared to this, the VW 1302/1302 Cabriolet simply had the typical convertible feeling.

General information about the vehicle:

A Volkswagen Beetle 1303 Cabriolet can now be purchased in this auction. This is a vehicle from the year of construction 1976, which, according to the seller, returned to Germany from Japan in 2012. Nothing else is known about the number of owners in Japan. Only two entries can be found in the German certificate. The so-called matching numbers are assumed, an exact history of the car is no longer available after consultation with the current owner. A valid TÜV for the Beetle is available and the car is approved.

Exterior colour/varnish/body:

The 1303 Cabriolet rolled off the assembly line at Karmann. Whether the silver color of this vehicle has already been repainted, the current owner can not say, because he knows nothing. The seller states that the paint is in good condition and has patina. A crack-free is apparently attributed to the black fabric hood, furthermore all trim parts on the Beetle are completely present and modifications deviating from the original condition can obviously not be detected. Neither parking bumpers nor other damage can be detected on the chrome bumpers.

Exterior rims/brakes/chassis:

On the original silver steel rims with chrome hubcaps, tires of the manufacturer Hankook are mounted in good condition. Neither in the area of the brakes nor in the area of the chassis can be found according to seller statements inconsistencies.


Extremely noble for a Beetle, the interior of this convertible, equipped with imitation leather seats, presents itself - in general, the entire interior is kept black and thus harmonizes well with the exterior color. The seller mentions that the interior is in very good condition and damage should not be listed. To get a more accurate impression of the interior of this 1303 and its state of preservation, we recommend looking through the telling series of pictures of the vehicle. In terms of equipment, among other things, is an original radio on board this Beetle convertible.


69,260 kilometers read can be found on the 5-digit speedometer in the car's only round instrument. Regarding the functioning of all instruments, the current owner states that everything works without problems.


The air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine in the rear delivers 44 hp at a displacement of 1.3 litres: the engine compartment is clean and abnormalities are not to be noted. The engine is coupled to a 4-speed manual transmission, which delivers the power of the 4 cylinders to the rear wheels.


The underbody of this 1303 Cabriolet has been extensively revised according to the seller's information and therefore shines in stainless and extremely good condition given the age of the vehicle. With a Beetle convertible one was always more exclusive than with its closed counterpart - the 1303 is considered the most modern Beetle, in which all classic features of the older years of construction have been further expanded. In this Beetle Cabriolet on offer here, even on short distances, you will be in a good mood.

Vehicle videos

The description of this auction and the Kickdown Check are accurate to the best of the seller's knowledge and not misleading. Kickdown asks all sellers to provide all details about the vehicle and performs a certain level of verification. However, bidders must inform themselves about the accuracy of the description and make all necessary inquiries before placing a bid. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

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