Porsche 968 Klima traceable history cruise control sunroof (1992)

Porsche 968 Klima traceable history cruise control sunroof (1992)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Automatic240246.421 km
Country VersionLocation Color
N/A🇩🇪 73105 DürnauSilver

Vehicle description

Model history:

The successor of the Porsche 944 was the 968, which was visually much more "adult" than this. Its pop-up headlights (in the shape of the typical 911 round lights) and a front and rear section in 928 style contributed decisively to this. Even though the front-engine series continued to be powered by a four-cylinder engine, the development into the 968 engine was a huge step: with a displacement of 3.0 litres, it was not only the largest, but also the most powerful four-cylinder with 240 hp in the world. Standard ABS, airbags and a 6-speed gearbox also upgraded the equipment of the 968 compared to its predecessor.

General information about the vehicle:

A Porsche 968 from the year of construction 1992 can now be auctioned in this auction: This sports car with the VIN WP0ZZZ96ZPS800240 is a German first registration, which according to the seller has a total of 3 owners. For over 15 years, this 968 has been in one hand as a collector's item, the so-called matching numbers are assumed and TÜV has the transaxle Porsche until September 2024. It is also worth mentioning that, according to the seller, the history of the car can be roughly traced and the vehicle already bears an H plate.

Exterior colour/varnish/body:

The 968 followed the lines of the 944, but also borrowed from the 928. A repainting of the front right fender and the rear left side panel in silver took place after consultation with the seller, an accident-free in the current possession can confirm the current owner. In view of the total mileage of the sports car, the exterior can be attested to a largely well-maintained and well-preserved condition - for a detailed overview of the body, the paint and all add-on parts, we refer to the meaningful series of pictures of the vehicle.

Exterior rims/brakes/chassis:

Between 50-70%, the current owner classifies the condition of the tires, in the area of brakes, the seller also attests to the car a condition between 50-70%. Inconsistencies in the chassis area can apparently not be found - here a special coilover suspension (original Porsche M030) ensures good road holding.


The interior of this Porsche 968 is kept far-reaching in the colour purple: Apart from a few black accents in the dashboard, the centre console and the door panels, the interior of the transaxle sports car is almost entirely in purple. According to the seller, the dashboard was made with genuine leather cover in Zuffenhausen, as it was a warranty damage from Porsche. In addition to the partial leather interior, the following features should also be mentioned: sunroof, power steering, central locking, power windows, heated seats, cruise control and an accessory radio.


The instrumentation of this Porsche in the instrument cluster is clearly structured and easy to read: a mileage of 246,400 kilometres can be read off on the speedometer. The seller mentions that the total kilometers of the Porsche can be proven and all instruments in the interior work perfectly.


The water-cooled 3.0-liter in-line four-cylinder engine of this Porsche 968 generates 240 hp - the power of the 4 cylinders is delivered to the rear wheels via a 4-speed automatic transmission. Final service work took place in September 2021 after consultation with the current owner.


According to the seller, the underbody technology shows a stainless preservation picture. With the 968 model, Porsche celebrated the finale of the legendary transaxle era: a high-displacement in-line four-cylinder, the perfect weight distribution of the car and the elegant silhouette are among other things on the credit side of a Porsche 968. Either long-distance or short distance: This transaxle sports car offered here, in an elegant colour combination, scores points in both disciplines and impresses (despite its mileage) with its good general condition - which for the Quality of a 968 speaks.

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    Comments of this past auction

    • p.senzer-avatarp.senzer15.12.2022 17:06 (about 2 months)

      Ich wohne recht weit vom Fahrzeug entfernt und möchte erfragen, ob ein Transport von Ihnen organisiert werden kann. Vielen Dank im Voraus.

      • KICKDOWN-avatarKICKDOWN15.12.2022 17:10 (about 2 months)

        Sehr geehrter Bieter, ein Transport kann als Zusatzdienstleistung über uns organisiert werden. Wenn Sie hierzu weitere Fragen haben, schreiben Sie uns gerne an anfrage@kickdown.com, dann geben wir Ihnen gerne eine detailliertere Auskunft. Wir haben exklusive Partner, die uns bei der Logistik unterstützen, so dass das Fahrzeug bis zu Ihnen vor die Haustür geliefert werden kann. Mit freundlichen Grüßen - Ihr Kickdown Team.

        • p.senzer-avatarp.senzer15.12.2022 17:11 (about 2 months)

          Vielen herzlichen Dank für die rasche Antwort. Ich werde mich per E-Mail bei Ihnen melden.

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