Triumph TR6 Double Carburetor 104PS 49,000 mi History (1971)

Triumph TR6 Double Carburetor 104PS 49,000 mi History (1971)


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Manufacturer Model Year
Manual Transmission10449.000 mi
Country VersionLocation Color
US🇩🇰 5550 Langeskovwhite

Vehicle description

The once great English brand Triumph had everything in the 70s – tradition, beautiful roadsters, a good reputation. There was only one thing the company did not have: money. Especially not under the reign of BLMC (British Leyland Motor Corporation). The multinational put all its attention into trying not to cannibalize each other and forgot that tradition cannot be replaced by anything. Triumph initially made the most of it, namely the TR6. It was based on the TR4 drawn by Michelotti, and in the end it was only a matter of smoothing and modernizing the body, which Karmann did in terms of production for Triumph. The TR6 received the 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine from the hermaphrodite TR5, which had the shape of the TR4, but was equipped with six-cylinder.

A Triumph TR6 from 1971 can now be purchased in this auction: this is a US first delivery, which was first approved in December 1972. From California, this TR6 was then imported over the years to Denmark, where a Danish owner kept it for a long time. The seller does not know how many owners the Triumph has in total – a history can be traced approximately by partially available invoices and former test reports. 1 key set for the vehicle is included, Danish papers for the car are currently available and the Danish TÜV runs until April 2025. Matching numbers are given according to the seller.


Some time ago, this triumph underwent a full restoration: the white lacquer dress of the roadster was also completely new. However, since the restoration work is apparently some time ago, the condition of the exterior can be attributed a normal condition with few traces of use. The chrome has some pimples, obviously no rust stoves can be found on the body, the seals are fine and the black hood has no cracks just like the plastic rear window. A chrome luggage rack is mounted at the rear, which proves to be damage-free. Modifications deviating from the original condition or an accident are excluded by the current holder.


Vredestein Sprint Classic tyres in good condition with sufficient tread are mounted on original OEM rims with chrome ring. The rims can also be taken from a good condition. Furthermore, the brake system is in a safe condition and no deficits can be detected in the area of the chassis.


Black leather can be found in the interior of the Triumph: except for the detaching rear walls of the front seats, there can only be talk of a slight patina in the interior of the TR6, as no major damage can be detected. The trunk is also in an acceptable condition. The driver reaches for a three-spoke wooden steering wheel, the gear knob is also made of wood. The function of the soft top is flawless – it can be easily opened and locked again. In addition to the sports steering wheel, the equipment in the Triumph also includes the ventilation and the Pioneer accessory radio.


The dashboard is made of wood, which is beautifully integrated into the interior. The speedometer, which is five-digit in the Triumph, can be read 49,220 miles – according to the current owner, this mileage can be almost traced by invoices and previous receipts. Striking in the interior: All instruments perform their service without hesitation.


In the engine compartment is the 2.5-liter in-line six-cylinder, which does not have an injection system, but has double carburetors due to the exhaust gas regulations in the USA. As power, the TR6 delivers 104 hp to the rear wheels – the gears are engaged via a 4-speed manual transmission with selectable overdrive, which ensures a speed reduction in the higher speed range. According to the seller, a service was only recently completed in 2022, and the entire TR6 was also reviewed. Open repairs are not to be listed.


In view of the now more than 50 years of vehicle age of the Triumph TR6, the underside of the car can be found in an acceptable condition. Wild-flowering rust nests or improperly performed work can not be detected.

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