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Porsche 911 T Targa (1972)

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Porsche 911 T Targa oil flap blood orange partially restored German vehicle partial leather appraisal (1972)
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95.000 €
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Manufacturer Model Year
Porsche911 T Targa1972
Manual130150.784 km
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DEDE-72535 Heroldstatt Orange

Vehicle description

Model history:

With the 1968 model year, Porsche had begun assigning consecutive letters to the vehicles built in the corresponding period, starting with "A." The original version of the 911, commonly known as the F-Series, exudes a special charm. Even contemporaries less fixated on sportier vehicles can hardly escape its fascination. Although the design appears much more modern, it is easy to see that the basic concept is still based on the Porsche 356. Technologically, however, the introduction of the 911 meant a giant leap for Porsche. In 1967, i.e. 4 years after the presentation of the new Porsche, the Porsche 911 T was added to the program as a fresh entry-level model.

General information about the vehicle:

In this auction, a Porsche 911 T Targa from first registration in 1972 is now offered for auction, which is a German vehicle that was delivered in Baden-Württemberg. Although there is no checkbook available for this partially restored Porsche with the chassis number 9112511390, the seller states that he keeps a list of the history since delivery of the Targa in 1972 until today and that he knows more than 7 owners for the vehicle. Furthermore, a birth certificate, the old letter, as well as a photo documentation of the partial restoration to the Porsche are available. This Porsche 911 is already allowed to carry an H license plate and the MOT of this sports car from Zuffenhausen is valid until June 2024. Worth mentioning is also a value appraisal from June 2020, which certified this 911 T Targa a market value of 105,000 € and awarded the condition grade 2+.

Exterior color/paint/body:

"Blood orange" is the name of the paint color, which according to the current owner is original and came in the course of the restoration in 2012 as a complete paint job on this 911. In addition to the complete paint job, various parts such as the battery box and the front cross plates were also replaced. In 2011, damage to the front took place due to a trailer hitch from another vehicle - this was repaired in 2012 according to the seller. The general visual condition of this Targa is described by the seller as being good for its age: only on the front left and right doors as well as on the left fender are rust bubbles starting to develop and on the rear panel, according to the seller, the paint is partially flaking off. Optical deviations from the original condition are not visible on the exterior and all chrome trim elements are still in full shine. In addition, the targa roof presents itself in decent condition.

Exterior Rims/Brakes/Chassis:

Classically beautiful Fuchs rims together with Continental tires adorn the exterior condition of this Porsche 911 T. The seller attributes the condition of the tires to the original condition. The seller gives the tires a condition of 30-50% and in the area of the brakes he estimates the condition to be 70-90%. In terms of the chassis, he is not aware of any deficiencies except for a defective steering boot on the left.


Black partial leather seats can be found in the interior of this Porsche 911 from its first registration in 1972: Originally, the center panels of the seats were made of corduroy - they were covered with velour in 2015 and the seats generally received a new filling. The four-spoke steering wheel was also covered in new leather in 2015. As custom equipment, this 911 T has the following features according to the Porsche birth certificate: chrome bumper horns with rubber bumpers front and rear, 911 S instruments with oil tank. According to the seller, there is no gross damage or even missing parts in the interior and in view of the vehicle's age of now over 50 years, the interior can be said to be in a well-maintained condition.


The speedometer in the Porsche instrument cluster shows five digits - after consultation with the seller, he states that the total mileage is actually 150,960 kilometers and that this mileage is partially traceable. According to the current owner, all instruments, display as well as controls work perfectly.


The seller's records show that in 1984 a replacement of the 2.4-liter six-cylinder boxer engine by an identical engine type from the same year of manufacture took place


In 2015, an engine overhaul of the 130-hp boxer engine finally took place: In the process, the engine was disassembled and, among other things, the main shaft bearings and piston rings were renewed, and the connecting rods were expanded. The carburetor was also overhauled and the complete exhaust system was replaced with a new stainless steel sports exhaust. Furthermore, the stainless steel heat exchanger and the oil cooler were replaced. As a transmission is still the original "915" 4-speed gearbox (with first gear left front) in this 911 T. 2015 also took place an overhaul of the transmission.


2020, according to the seller, a final service was done.


According to the current owner, this sports car from Zuffenhausen has 5 holes on the underbody, otherwise the underside presents in solid shape. The Porsche 911 regularly occupies one of the first places in the hit list of the most popular classic cars, worldwide. Early series 911s are particularly popular. This 1972 911 T Targa released for auction here was driven just a few thousand miles after the engine overhaul was completed. The 911 T is a classic "oil flap model" and the seller still lets mention that it was always parked in the dry, is very well maintained, they did oil changes every year and the Porsche was only moved in nice weather.

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